Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Ford Auto Replacement Parts Take You to the Next Level

Written by Jenny McLane

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Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) delivers another performance enhancement onrepparttar Explorer Sport Trac concept Ėrepparttar 137665 first IRS application forrepparttar 137666 Sport Trac series. IRS offers significantly better handling over both smooth and rough surfaces. It absorbs bumps inrepparttar 137667 road and reduces impact harshness, resulting in improved ride quality. Ford never stops producing top ofrepparttar 137668 line vehicles with utmost customer satisfaction in mind. Increased cargo capacity, Roll Stability Control, Independent Rear Suspension to name a few is one ofrepparttar 137669 many innovations introduced by Ford to make your vehiclerepparttar 137670 ultimate driving machine.

Parts Train onrepparttar 137671 other hand, meets Ford's high standards to preserve Ford vehicle's performance at its best and make it last for years with its wide array of impressive Ford Auto Parts, Performance Parts, Replacement Parts, Aftermarket parts. All its genuine quality Honda fuel tank, spoiler, radiator, electrical parts, engine parts, hood, hubcaps, condenser, bumper, catalytic converter, exhaust, fender, grille to name a few are available to you in great discounts and wholesale deals. Visit Parts Train Ford Parts at

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Customizing your Car- Pinstriping Basics

Written by Carlo Morelli

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Striping with stencil tape is also popular. There are several types of stencil tape that are suitable for auto pinstriping applications. Stencil tape striping uses brushes, and a specialized pinstriping brush is an essential ingredient in a successful project. Stencil tape allows you to apply different color stripes without needingrepparttar other stripes to dry.

Freehand pinstriping isrepparttar 137504 most difficult method, requiringrepparttar 137505 most practice to master, but permits unrestricted creativity. The simplest plan for a freehand striping newbie is to lay a strip of masking tape down approximately a quarter inch from where you wantrepparttar 137506 finished line to be, and then use this tape as visual guiding for your stripes. Whatever you do, donít use regular masking tape, or your pinstriping paint will bleed underrepparttar 137507 edge. Get some auto body masking tape from an auto supply store.

No matter what method you use, pinstriping is one ofrepparttar 137508 finest ways to make your vehicle distinctive. Just like anything else worth doing right, practice makes priceless results but havingrepparttar 137509 best equipment you can get your hands on helps too.

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