Ford Defective Door Attorney Says:

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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This defect may affect as many as 400,000 pickup trucks and SUVís, and lawsuits have already been filed. As far apart as Canada and Texas, victims of Ford Motor Vehicle Companyís defective door latches have won huge monetary damages to repay for injuries as well as to fix their cars. Ford Motor Vehicle Company has placed you and your loved ones in danger by distributing this dangerous, illegal model. Even those who have not sustained injuries in a crash have won money to replacerepparttar broken doors. Please take action before it is too late. Contact a lawyer and discuss your case. GA

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Vanity License Plates Express More Than Vanity

Written by Howard Young

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  • ó Tahoe plates fund critical restoration torepparttar Lake Tahoe area,
  • ó Veterans plates fund statewide veteran service offices,
  • ó California Memorial plates support Californiaís antiterrorism Fund and scholarships for children of Californianís who died in 9/11 terrorist attacks.
  • The Arts License Plate isrepparttar 149436 most popular specialty plate in California with over 125,000 plates sold since it was introduced in 1994. Nearly half ofrepparttar 149437 proceeds fromrepparttar 149438 purchase and all ofrepparttar 149439 renewal fees contributed to more than $7 million raised forrepparttar 149440 California Arts Council.

    Vanity license plates are available year-round so you donít need to wait until your car registration is up for renewal to purchase one. Besides supporting your favorite nonprofit organization, you also can drive us crazy by trying to figure out your personalized message to us.

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