Foraging and Eating Wild Edible Plants

Written by Alan Detwiler

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Some plants such as cattail tuber shoots and burdock root can be boiled to increase tenderness or to reduce strong flavors and then simply eaten as is.

Be sure of what it is that you are going to eat and be sure that it is edible. Consult a good reference book. If possible have someone who is familiar with a particular plant point it out to you. Most photographs are not of high enough quality to be relied upon to positively identify a wild plant.

Some edible plants have poisonous look alikes. Some plants have edible parts and have poisonous parts. Some plant parts are edible only after being prepared in a particular way. It is commom that a small quantity of a plant can be eaten without problems but if you eat too much your digestive system will protest forcefully.

There's about 6 or 8 disaster scenarios that I can think of that seem likely to happen at some time. Most of them seem unlikely to happen in my lifetime. But you never know. Isn't it prudent to be prepared at least to some extend inrepparttar eventrepparttar 148756 normal food supply is interrupted. Examples of disaster that seem likely to happen are an asteroid hittingrepparttar 148757 earth, a massive nuclear war, a global epidemic, andrepparttar 148758 failure of one or two major crops such as corn and wheat due to a widespread disease or climate change.

The gathering of wild foods is interesting and enjoyable. Forgaging for a favorite or new addition to your menu may take you through woods, through open fields and meadows and other places of beauty. It is a great way to get out intorepparttar 148759 natural world and enjoy its complexity and majesty. It adds torepparttar 148760 perception thatrepparttar 148761 world is a good place that is to be enjoyed. It is emotionally pleasing to find something that seems free and of exceptional value.

Making use of natural foods gives you greater awareness ofrepparttar 148762 inter-relatedness of living things to each other and torepparttar 148763 environment. That greater awareness helps us more appreciaterepparttar 148764 weather and climate,repparttar 148765 abundance of nature, agriculture andrepparttar 148766 food supply, andrepparttar 148767 importance of protecting those things.

If you are interested in a few detailed recipes and a couple of other general preparation methods see

For more information on wild edible plants and recipes see Foragingrepparttar 148768 Edible Wild,

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The Sucessful Dinner Party

Written by Kim LaBarbera

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Forrepparttar long run When you can further update you dinnerware, change your eating utensils. These step by step changes do not have to be expensive, they can berepparttar 148480 price of your regular dishware. The secret is not to use them every day. You will always have that that clean, finished look, right on hand. To add a professional appearance to your dinner table, spruce uprepparttar 148481 place settings and server ware. Salad bowls that are made of new wood, (crystal is always preferred) make your guests feel important, because you put alot of thought intorepparttar 148482 salad. Sparkling clean serving trays, make a big difference. Don't forget that you can dress anything up, by lining it with a cloth napkin. Place mats made of a wicker or cloth material are very nice. Don't forget coasters, if you decide not to use a light colored table cloth (dark colored table cloths really only work in Italian restaurants). As for a center piece, fresh cut flowers in a nicely decorated vase, are always good. However,repparttar 148483 vase has to be taken out ofrepparttar 148484 room when it is time to serverepparttar 148485 meal, becauserepparttar 148486 fragrance will distractrepparttar 148487 palate. This is very important to remember: When serving food, do not choose quality over quantity. There is nothing worse than trying to impress someone and just when you've pulled it off, you run out of food. Don't get me wrong, make surerepparttar 148488 food is impressive enough and has quality taste, but also make sure there is enough of it. Your guests may try to comfort you and say that it's alright, if you run out of food, but it's not, i.e. make your guests want to come back. Always keep an eye out for a good buy alongrepparttar 148489 way. Don't wait until you have to entertain, to findrepparttar 148490 right cocktail forks. These arerepparttar 148491 best sites that I have found, for quality and price. You are likely to find everthing you need. Tabletops etc. Beatiful tableware from a network of 700 businesses. The best variety of replacement crystal and flatware, online. Dinnerware Depot, Inc. Beautifully designed plates and accessories. You will find some great deals here. Ceramica Lavish designs, hand painted on to ceramics. These are specialty items, forrepparttar 148492 table top. If you want to present a perfect dinner table, you must stop by, they have terrific prices too. Crate&Barrel They have a wonderful line of accessories specifically for home entertaining. The Royal Carries an exquisite selection of plain and printed doilies.

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