For the Couple that Has Everything...

Written by Bob Bassett

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Wedding gift baskets are available in a variety of price ranges, as are most gift baskets. If you plan on giving a cash gift but feel awkward not having a present forrepparttar couple as well, a small gift basket can fill that role.

For weddings in a distant location that you aren't able to attend, most online retailers can deliver your wedding gift basket. It is a nice way to letrepparttar 141607 couple know you are thinking of them on their special day, even if you can't be there with them. Gift baskets are also great gifts for anniversaries, as well.

A wedding is a special day, and whether you choose a small, tasteful wedding gift basket to accompany a cash gift or a large gourmet selection, your gift is sure to stand out amongrepparttar 141608 toaster ovens, blenders, and silverware.

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Long Distance Relationships 101

Written by Debbie Anderson

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You need to agree on how much you are going to communicate with each other and which rule applies best "out of sight, out of mind" or "absence makesrepparttar heart grow fonder."

** Establishing Ground Rules **

Before you are separated by distance you have three basic things you need to ask each other so that you can figure out well in advance what actually constitutes a betrayal according torepparttar 141606 rules of your long distance relationship.

1. Are we going to be faithful to each other?

2. Are we allowed to have sex with other people, but remain in faithful in our hearts?

3. Does this separation allow us to explore other relationship options?

One option is to keep everythingrepparttar 141607 way it is -- whether you are five miles or 5,000 miles away from each other.

This way of thinking is very popular among young lovebirds, who have difficulty believing that their relationship could ever end.

They tend to believe that physical space between them will not affectrepparttar 141608 solidity ofrepparttar 141609 relationship because their "undying" love for each other can surpassrepparttar 141610 seemingly small obstacle of distance.

Unfortunately, this is not an option that often allowsrepparttar 141611 other person their essential humanity and it is a point of view that is considered immature by counselors or psychiatrists.

The "nothing has changed" approach is often a position of denial. Lots has changed, you are not physically together anymore!

Usually this type of denial applies to high school sweethearts who are separated because ofrepparttar 141612 necessity of attending different colleges.

If one orrepparttar 141613 other partner slips up due to temptation (all it takes is a boozy night and a one-night stand) it is way too easy forrepparttar 141614 other partner to take it personally.

The above example tells us that one ofrepparttar 141615 keys to keeping a long distance relationship is to keep your expectations realistic.

Know your partner by clearly communicating with him or her, but also, make sure that you know thyself! Know what you can tolerate and what is acceptable to you.

Long distance relationships based on humoringrepparttar 141616 other person or making promises that you can't keep simply don't work. This will spare yourepparttar 141617 feelings of betrayal, suspicion and jealousy that often set in after a couple of months of being apart.

Unfortunatelyrepparttar 141618 sad truth about most long distance relationships is that they don't makerepparttar 141619 heart grow fonder, they makerepparttar 141620 heart grow harder.

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