For What Purpose?

Written by Rob Wheeler

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Let me give you an example. When I was about six years old my parents divorced. As I wasrepparttar eldest of two boys I was told that I wasrepparttar 102012 "man ofrepparttar 102013 house." At six years of age I had no idea of how to berepparttar 102014 man ofrepparttar 102015 house. This thought was enforced by being repeated by loving family members throughout my childhood. I was often told that I was "..doing a great job as man ofrepparttar 102016 house..." The truth ofrepparttar 102017 matter was that I didn't know how to berepparttar 102018 man ofrepparttar 102019 house. But, I quickly learned that as long as I did nothing "wrong" they would love me.

Overrepparttar 102020 years this developed into, "...If I do nothing, they will still love me..." As a result there are many instances where I "did nothing" It was a safe place to be. It was also a roadblock to becoming successful. For doing nothing results in nothing.

So what to do? The very first thing that I had to dig deep within and uncover what I knew was there. My Purpose for BEing. With careful cultivation I developed a statement that make my heart sing. The purpose of my life is to share with individuals (just like you)repparttar 102021 REALITY of Living every moment with Love, Harmony and Mindful Abundance.

Now when those thoughts of "do nothing" appear, I choose to shift towards truly living on Purpose. I use that word "towards" on purpose as well. We get so excited that we recogize these old limiting patterns are runningrepparttar 102022 show so we are constantly shifting....and not getting anywhere with it. If a shift is based in fear, andrepparttar 102023 shift is based in running away from your old limiting patterns then it is destined to be shallow and not entirely effective.

My good friend, Julie Jordan Scott, put it this way: "When a shift is based on Moving Towards your TRUE purpose and you are INTENTIONALLY and truly FOCUSED on your life purpose, you have a tool which can be life changing."

So now whenrepparttar 102024 question is asked, For What Purpose? I have an answer.

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The Power of Perspective

Written by Peter Murphy

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2 Berepparttar other person

Revisitrepparttar 102011 conversation again only this time cycle through it as if you wererepparttar 102012 other person. Imagine what it was like to be there looking at you and listening to you. You are now walking in their shoes so as to get a close up look at what it is like to deal with you.

You may find that you spotrepparttar 102013 reasons whyrepparttar 102014 conversation did not go as well as you would have liked.

3 Ask yourself - how did I getrepparttar 102015 result I achieved?

In this stage ofrepparttar 102016 process you putrepparttar 102017 responsibility on your shoulders alone forrepparttar 102018 outcome ofrepparttar 102019 conversation. Blaming others will not help you to think creatively for solutions and ways to better your conversational skills.

Revisit that conversation one more time asrepparttar 102020 neutral observer and one time asrepparttar 102021 other person. In each case look forrepparttar 102022 answer torepparttar 102023 question: how did I get this result? Then ask yourself: what could I do differently to get what I really want?

You will discover ways to change your approach that can dramatically improve how you communicate when it matters most.

By using this approach I often spot opportunities to use more emphasis on key points andrepparttar 102024 value of being enthusiastic when I want someone to consider my opinion. At other times I notice that I could listen more carefully instead of just getting carried away with my own agenda.

Play with this way of developing perspective for yourself and have fun spotting allrepparttar 102025 little differences that add up to a big difference in your ability to speak with impact.

Peter Murphy is a freelance business writer. He publishes a free weekly ezine full of practical tips for communicating at your best under pressure. All new subscribers receive a free e-book with powerful strategies for being at your best. To subscribe send a blank email to:

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