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Written by Eddie Bruce

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I find it a frightening fact that PublishAmerica already have 10,000 published books inrepparttar marketplace (recent announcement). Since they don't edit for content it is safe to assume thatrepparttar 126385 bulk of these are badly written at best. By choosing PublishAmerica, genuine AUTHORS who have worked hard at sharpening their writing and storytelling skills find their works irretrievably associated with some ofrepparttar 126386 most inane rubbish ever written, forrepparttar 126387 period of their contract - SEVEN YEARS! Meanwhile READERS haverepparttar 126388 dilemma of finding a readable piece of fiction (or non-fiction) in an environment awash with literary garbage.

The scam is brilliant in its simplicity. Instead of asking for money up front, PublishAmerica solicit a list of up to 100 ofrepparttar 126389 author's friends and family whom they bombard with pre-publication flyers offering discounted copies. The sting is inrepparttar 126390 book's cover price - anything from 25-50% aboverepparttar 126391 going rate for a similar book - ensuring thatrepparttar 126392 friends-and-family discount does not effectrepparttar 126393 publisher's profit. My own 136 page "tome" was originally priced at $19.95 then reduced torepparttar 126394 still prohibitive cover price of $16.95 when I expressed my disgust. Print-on-demand format allowsrepparttar 126395 publisher to recoup publishing costs almost immediately on just a few such sales which are followed up by a "special" bulk purchase offer, irresistible torepparttar 126396 author who has received only two free copies for review purposes. I invested three to four hundred pounds sterling and countless frustrating hours that I could ill afford on a marketing project that was doomed to failure fromrepparttar 126397 start. PublishAmerica's lack of author support, only answering phone calls for book orders and ignoring almost all email complaints, is legend, as isrepparttar 126398 nigh impossible task of finding a bookseller willing to stock PublishAmerica non-returnable titles.

PublishAmerica have a branch called PublishBritannica and I now realise how nave I have been to believe that a company would necessarily show respect torepparttar 126399 country whose name they cynically exploit. Maybe such business practices are par forrepparttar 126400 course in today's dog-eat-dog, winner-take-all world. I know there are "authors" prepared to buy huge quantities of their books then sell them on to sympathetic, unsuspecting acquaintances, mug gullible punters at book fairs andrepparttar 126401 like or just sell them to each other. I just enjoy writing stories, being neither a super salesman nor a confidence trickster. Is it too much to expect that a writer's work might succeed on merit rather than misrepresentation and deceit? If companies like PublishAmerica are allowed to legally flourish while exploiting new authors, deceivingrepparttar 126402 reading public and stifling writing talent, apart from GENUINE TRADITIONAL HOUSES,repparttar 126403 book publishing industry will surely drown in a dumbed-down literary quagmire of its own making.

NOTE: Many authors who value their work and who have fallen victim to this disreputable company are campaigning to haverepparttar 126404 sole rights to their material restored. To those who threaten legal action PublishAmerica offer a release agreement containing a gagging clause. Authors who feel that they have been misled or defrauded by this company are advised to write to -

Office ofrepparttar 126405 Attorney General Consumer Protection Division-Beth Silverman 200 St. Paul Place Baltimore, MD 21202


BBB of Greater Maryland 1414 Key Highway, Suite 100 Baltimore, MD 21230 -5189 WWW: Email: Phone: (410)347-3992 Fax: (410)347-3936

Eddie Bruce 23.11.2004.

Eddie Bruce is retired and writes Scottish and English short fiction. A recovering alcoholic, his works reflect the ordinary man's eternal struggle to find a niche in life. Some of his acclaimed stories can be read at

Explore Paradise with Moon Handbooks Fiji

Written by David Stanley

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Rob Kay of has this to say about Moon Handbooks Fiji: "Packed with great maps it also has resources such as a comprehensive bibliography, and tips on local etiquette. More importantly, Stanley excels at getting accurate information on hotels, inexpensive restaurants and tourist sites. However there is another reason why his guide is valuable. Stanley does not simply listrepparttar properties in alphabetical order and expectrepparttar 126384 reader to determine what's best. Based on personal visits and feedback from visitors, he will actually offer you an opinion andrepparttar 126385 straight facts."

The 356-page 7th edition of Moon Handbooks Fiji (ISBN 1566914973) was published by Avalon Travel Publishing of Emeryville, California, in October, 2004. Priced at US$17.95, this book is distributed in the United States by Publishers Group West, in Canada by Publishers Group Canada, in Europe by HI Marketing, and in Australia and New Zealand by Bookwise International. For more information, visit

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