Foods and Diets Litigations

Written by Laura Ciocan

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The producers ofrepparttar popular Oreo cookies, Kraft Foods Inc were sued in 2003 byrepparttar 119244 attorney Stephen Joseph, who based his accusations on a provision ofrepparttar 119245 civil code of California saying that manufacturers are liable for products ifrepparttar 119246 consumer is not advised ofrepparttar 119247 products' unsafety. He rightfully claimed thatrepparttar 119248 public was not aware ofrepparttar 119249 high content of trans-fats in Oreos. He declared that he sued out of concern forrepparttar 119250 public health and that no money was requested inrepparttar 119251 lawsuit, which he finally withdrew, explaining thatrepparttar 119252 publicity on this case had made people aware ofrepparttar 119253 health risks enhanced byrepparttar 119254 product. Anyway, ifrepparttar 119255 lawsuit was intented as bad publicity forrepparttar 119256 Oreos,repparttar 119257 aim was not reached, as Kraft Foods Inc will continue to produce Oreos in a trans-fat free version.

Another famous case of litigation isrepparttar 119258 suit from 2002 against McDonald's. The lawsuit was filed byrepparttar 119259 lawyer Samuel Hirsch on behalf of some obese children. The lawer sustained thatrepparttar 119260 fast food producer misleadrepparttar 119261 consumers into believing thatrepparttar 119262 products were healthy and safe and claimed thatrepparttar 119263 children developed health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity because of eating McDonald's products. The suit was dismissed onrepparttar 119264 grounds that no one is forced to eat at McDonald's and thatrepparttar 119265 law has notrepparttar 119266 role to moderate individuals' excesses.

A recent date "diet trial" is going on in Florida. The suit was filed by 53-year-old Jody Gorran against Atkins Nutritionals on May 26, 2004. The plaintiff claims that after going on Atkins diet his cholesterol level increased so much that he needed angioplasty in order to unblock an artery. In addition to financial damages, there is alsorepparttar 119267 request thatrepparttar 119268 company warnsrepparttar 119269 public ofrepparttar 119270 potential dangers of a diet favoring meats, cheeses and other high-fat proteins by labeling their products. The sequel is yet to come.

Even if some of these lawsuits started out of reasons beyond humanitarian, (as for instancerepparttar 119271 chase for money from damages that such important companies would pay) they have a positive result, namely,repparttar 119272 publicity around such cases arises questionning, gives peoplerepparttar 119273 idea of doubt,repparttar 119274 "assumption of guilt".

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Lawsuit Funding

Written by Afra AmirSanjari

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