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Legumes – These seed pod products help withrepparttar reduction of heart disease risk and help withrepparttar 149529 healing of some cancers, blood sugar level maintenance and iron / calcium maintenance inrepparttar 149530 body. They also aid people with anemia and diabetes. Mushrooms – These help white blood cells inrepparttar 149531 immune system, help fight some cancers and heart disease and may help inrepparttar 149532 prevention of clotting, by blood thinning. Onions – They have helped with heart disease prevention, bladder (and other) cancer, and circulatory problems. They have also helped in healing swelling from bug bites and bronchial inflammations. And onion tea is said to have sedative qualities. Potatoes / Other Roots – These root veggies are associated withrepparttar 149533 prevention of different cancers,repparttar 149534 prevention of blood clotting related with heart disease, and with protection against inhaled nicotine (via smokers). Carrots further aid in stomach and lung cancer care, food poisoning healing, iron deficiency, sexual problems and night blindness. While beets help reduce heart disease risk and spina bifida (with pregnant women). And they help with high blood pressure care and muscle replenishing. Pumpkins / Squash – These have been known to help withrepparttar 149535 prevention of prostate cancer andrepparttar 149536 reduction of heart disease risk. They also aid in healing cataracts / retinal and lens damage inrepparttar 149537 eye and withrepparttar 149538 flu and colds. Soybeans – These help with osteoporosis risk reduction, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and prostate and breast cancer reduction and prevention. Soybeans have also been known for helpingrepparttar 149539 spleen, blood and pancreas, and increasing milk production in breast-feeding women. Tomatoes – These help inrepparttar 149540 reduction of heart disease,repparttar 149541 healing of prostate and other cancers, and withrepparttar 149542 aging (both mentally and physically) process. Bread, Cereals, Rice and Pasta – Cereals are considered staple foods. Depending uponrepparttar 149543 country, weather, region, etc., popular varieties vary; corn, barley, oats, wheat, rice, millet. Grains mainly giverepparttar 149544 body carbohydrates (mostly starches), some fiber, protein, vitamins (mainly Bs and E) and minerals. Here is a peek at some foods in this category. Bread – This major energy source offersrepparttar 149545 body lots of nutrition, protein, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Breads help reduce risk of infertility in men, anemia, heart and spine problems, osteoporosis and colon cancer risk. Historically, bread was prescribed as nature’s way to aid in colonic irrigation. Corn – Corn may be able to help with spina bifida risk in babies. It helps with heart disease and colon cancer prevention. Popped corn can be a great diet food, depending uponrepparttar 149546 oil and additives (like butter) used. Corn silks have been used in diuretic teas to help with high blood pressure, gallstones, kidney stones, water retention, and urinary problems. Oats – Oats are known to help with skin problems and inrepparttar 149547 treatment of depression, anxiety and insomnia. The saponins, B vitamins and alkaloids in oats aid with mood-lifting. Some forms of oats also work as antiseptic and heart disease treatments, help lower blood pressure and with weight reduction (cause full feeling and digest slowly) and are popular on diabetic menus. Rice – Rice has been used forrepparttar 149548 healing of depression, for reducing colon cancer risk, for reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It offers quick energy forrepparttar 149549 body, helps calmrepparttar 149550 stomach, is good for poor digestion and diarrhea, and helps fight celiac disease. Rice cakes are great substitutions for dieters, replacing breads. Wheat - This traditional kidney toner help withrepparttar 149551 reduction and prevention of colon and breast cancer, blocking ofrepparttar 149552 arteries and heart disease. Wheat also aids in mental functions including focus and calmness. Many pastas are made from wheat and in this category. They offer carbohydrates, fiber and B vitamins torepparttar 149553 body.

Meats and Fish - Meats are a source of protein and iron. Mainly fat content needs to be of concer with regards to perfect dietary planning. And leaner meats are becoming more readily available; lean hamburger, buffalo, emu and ostrich. Fish, also good protein sources, help reduce heart disease risk, inflammation and blood clotting. Fish – Oily fish have been known to help with bone density, to relieve psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritic pain, and help prevent heart disease and anemia. Shellfish helps with male fertility, brittle bones, weak muscles, weight loss andrepparttar 149554 prevention of cancer. Meats – Aid male fertility, build body tissue, nervous system damage and maintenance and help withrepparttar 149555 prevention of anemia and osteoporosis. Gamebirds / Poultry – These foods help enhance concentration and mood. They also aid inrepparttar 149556 prevention of anemia and depression. And for those with allergies, turkey and chicken are noted at rarely causing allergic reactions. Dairy – Dairy products help inrepparttar 149557 prevention of tooth decay, protein deficiency, loss of energy, high blood pressure, bone fractures, osteoporosis, rickets and some cancers including colon.

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Service is the key no matter what is on the menu

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Coffee cup fell empty, wrong meal delivered torepparttar table, wrong amount charged for wrong meal, no silverware at start of meal, wrong price charged for a “take home” bread we ordered. and finallyrepparttar 149447 waitress threw our “to-go” container out while we were paying.

Final bill $35 (take home was about $7).

The waitress was new and already overworked, and as hard as we wanted to like this place it had such poor service this day.

Our second visit was 2 stars for other reasons all together. The time we returned we got one breakfast and one meal. The meal was salmon and was cold and underdone, andrepparttar 149448 eggs were cold as well which is basically ruining them completely.

The service was again friendly but lacking.

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