Follow The Leader

Written by Tracy Austin

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You don't need anyone's coattails, if you join with someone who has a takenrepparttar time to develop a system that, IF you work it, and stick with it (we are talking about months here, possibly a year or longer) you will begin to seerepparttar 122608 financial rewards that we all are seeking.

And I'm not talking about a system that you are asked to pay for. This type of behavior is what got Amway intorepparttar 122609 trouble we have all heard way too much about!

Look for a system that you can plug into for free - and a company that can justify their sing-up fee, which should be minimal.

This isrepparttar 122610 way it should be. You should NOT be spending any money on marketing materials and training tapes -repparttar 122611 profits of which are lining your uplines pockets.

Once you find that sort of sponsor, what I've taken to callingrepparttar 122612 Smart Sponsor type, you have found someone worth emulating.

And with their guidance, you can confidently go to work on developing your own leadership skills, which in time becomerepparttar 122613 backbone of your business.

You can make it in mlm, but not alone - hencerepparttar 122614 time-worn line we've all heard too many times: "Be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself."

It's a powerful statement, but you need to look for someone who knows what it REALLY means, and can lead you to an understanding you will be able to share withrepparttar 122615 people you bring into your business.

So look for a sponsor, and a solid company - not a product or service that promises to saverepparttar 122616 world.

MLM is a business, and without a sound company behind you, you risk losing everything you've built if that company fails for ANY one of a hundred different reasons.

Good products/services are a dime a dozen, but a sponsor with leadership ability is worth his or her weight in gold. And a company on a solid foundation is not an option - it's a must if you value your time.

You can't afford to build a business and have it come crashing down becauserepparttar 122617 company you represent goes out of business. This happens to people every day.

Here is a terrific quote on leadership.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum uprepparttar 122618 men to gather wood, dividerepparttar 122619 work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn forrepparttar 122620 vast and endless sea." - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Yes, you need to have and cultivate, in yourself and others, that yearning forrepparttar 122621 success that you could have in mlm. But remember that success cannot become reality without your gathering, working, following, and finally, your leading others to dorepparttar 122622 same.

Everything has a process. It's only overwhelming if you think you must do it all now, or do it all alone.

Withrepparttar 122623 right leader, your mlm dreams can be crafted into a reality worth every second you spend developingrepparttar 122624 leader within you.

So take care who you follow. Andrepparttar 122625 company you represent.

Tracy Austin specializes in helping people build successful businesses that are 100% Internet-based, without spamming, mass advertising, or bulk emailing. She is one of several moderators of a private business discussion group about e-commerce, attraction marketing, and virtual community building online. To request details on free membership in this group, email her today:

Leading by Teaching

Written by Lois R. Thompson

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The best way to make knowledge you very own, is to teach it. In doing so you not only become a true Expert, but you set in motionrepparttar process of Duplication for your downline to also developrepparttar 122607 needed leadership skills necessary for their success.

Remember, people are not only hungry for knowledge, they are also hungry for good honest leadership. You have it within you to berepparttar 122608 greatest leader your downline has ever know, but yours is to develop and implement those skills.

Just think, how explosive would your business growth be, if you begin Leading by Teaching your downline effective leadership??

Try it! They are looking for your leadership.

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