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Written by Erik Gassler

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One thing I do want to tell you though is to make sure you are following inrepparttar right footsteps. If you are part of a downline I recommend not just going to who ever recruited you, but ask them if there is a manager or someone higher up that is achieving real success. Sometimes your recruiter will actually berepparttar 117092 one who is very successful, you just want to be sure.

A recruiter that is also just starting out or worse yet has actually been inrepparttar 117093 business for some time but still isnít successful, pass this person by and find a leader above him you can learn from. They might be telling yourepparttar 117094 same thing that was told to them that was told by someone else that was told byrepparttar 117095 leader, butrepparttar 117096 message is usually distorted byrepparttar 117097 time it reaches you. Hearing how to be successful always sounds different coming from someone who is already successful, and will usually give better results.

But one thing about this method I want to point out because I know I donít like to hear it. Leaders who are successful do not want to be called or contacted every day hearing about you hitting a brick wall ifrepparttar 117098 brick wall is you arenít trying. Successful people tend to value their time a lot, and donít want to try to teach people that arenít willing to learn what theyíre teaching.

Owning your own business and making it successful is going to take time and hard work. Itís just a fact of business. And when that person tells you to do something and you donít do it or finish it because you realized it was going to be harder than you realized or take longer than you thought, that is when you need to hangrepparttar 117099 towel. Realize and accept you donít really want success, tell that leader you donít want success, and donít waste any more of his/her time.

I know that may seem harsh, but not everyone can make it owning their own business. And if youíre not willing to work hard and spend time working your business, all you are doing is wasting your time because you will fail every time. If you donít believe me then let me ask you how many businesses have you started and tried, but they didnít work out. Chances are very good that they didnít work because you didnít put inrepparttar 117100 effort to make them work.

While there are more business opportunities out there that I think are bad than there are good ones, I havenít seen one yet that someone who was determined enough wouldnít make money off of. Even many pyramid schemes which are now illegal and I would never consider a business could be very profitable for those who were dedicated to them.

So if you can make your self dedicated for your business, find a business with good support that will give you someone to learn from and donít give up until youíve reached success.

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10 Things To Do Before You Start Your Business

Written by Julia McDaid

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3.Find a good accountant, someone who is proactive and forward thinking. (See ď10 Things To Ask Your AccountantĒ)

4.Find a mentor. Either your accountant or other business advisor, someone inrepparttar same field who has done it already or perhaps someone fromrepparttar 117091 local enterprise agency.

5.Research your market. Make sure there is demand, but also check pricing and packaging options.

6.Write your Business Plan.

7.Decide where you are going to work.

8.Make sure you know how you are going to finance your new business. Have you plans to surviverepparttar 117092 first 3-6 months whatever happens?

9.Open a bank account. Keep all your business transactions separate from your personal ones.

10. Read The E-Myth Revisited By Michael E Gerber. It has to be THE book for new business owners.

As I said, this is not a comprehensive list, there are probably hundreds of other things that people might add. But this should give you a good base to start from.

Julia McDaid

Julia McDaid is a business coach and author, specialising in helping business start ups. The first 10 readers to contact her on will receive a free Kickstart coaching session and the first Module of her eprogramme Start Up 101.

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