Focused Content Still "King" Online

Written by Jim Edwards

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Any website that makes it overrepparttar long haul does so by quickly communicatingrepparttar 138794 main theme ofrepparttar 138795 website with a compelling headline or opening statement that pulls people intorepparttar 138796 text.

Most people surfrepparttar 138797 Web in "stay or bail" mode, meaning they constantly evaluate everything they see on whether they should keep reading or click away to another website.

The headline or opening statement on any website representsrepparttar 138798 single most powerful factor to influence people to stick around and find out more, or hit their back button faster than you can say "Windows Blue Screen of Death!"

Finally, once a good website pulls a targeted visitor intorepparttar 138799 text, they provide focused, benefit-oriented product information, articles and other content that plays torepparttar 138800 reader's built-in mental radio station, WII-FM (What's In It For Me)!

By providing narrowly focused content,repparttar 138801 website satisfies specific desires forrepparttar 138802 audience and, if it's a topic of intense interest, holds their attention for an extended period of time and gets them to buy.

The next time you get a "great idea" for an ebook, Internet business, or someone approaches you with a "can't miss" online tech stock, pull out this list and use it to evaluaterepparttar 138803 big picture.

Understanding how and why websites succeed or fail can help you predictrepparttar 138804 ultimate fate of just about any online venture.

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The #1 Secret For Building Website Traffic

Written by Rick Rouse

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Adding fresh content on a regular basis isrepparttar true secret to expanding your traffic levels. You'll receive more and more new visitors allrepparttar 138793 time, and they'll keep coming back!

So how do you go about adding new content? First of all, set a goal of adding at least two new articles to your website each and every day. Two articles per day isn't much really, but it adds up to 730 new pages per year. That's at least 730 new "roads" into your site fromrepparttar 138794 search engines!

So where do I getrepparttar 138795 content to add to my site? The best place to find new content is inside your head - write articles about a topic that's related torepparttar 138796 overall theme of your site. Spend a few minutes a day doing some research onrepparttar 138797 web. Remember, Google is your friend. Just be sure you don't plagiarize (copy) someone else's work. Not only is it unethical, it's quite dangerous forrepparttar 138798 long-term survival and success of your website!

The process is really quite simple: Research, read, and learn. Then write an article of your own explaining what you have learned. That's it! You don't have to be a great writer who produces polished novels, you simply have to be able to get your points across.

If you simply cannot write (or have no desire to try), there are thousands of high-quality articles available onrepparttar 138799 web on virtually ANY topic that are free forrepparttar 138800 taking. All that's usually required is a link back torepparttar 138801 author's site in a short "bio" section atrepparttar 138802 end ofrepparttar 138803 article.

There are many websites onrepparttar 138804 Internet that offer tons of these "free content" articles. Just do a Google search for "free content".

Rick Rouse is the owner of RLROUSE Directory & Informational Resources, your one-stop resource for interesting and useful information on virtually any topic. Visit his Webmaster/SEO Weblog for lots of great traffic-building articles.

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