Focused Content Still "King" Online

Written by Jim Edwards

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Any website that makes it overrepparttar long haul does so by quickly communicatingrepparttar 138790 main theme ofrepparttar 138791 website with a compelling headline or opening statement that pulls people intorepparttar 138792 text.

Most people surfrepparttar 138793 Web in "stay or bail" mode, meaning they constantly evaluate everything they see on whether they should keep reading or click away to another website.

The headline or opening statement on any website representsrepparttar 138794 single most powerful factor to influence people to stick around and find out more, or hit their back button faster than you can say "Windows Blue Screen of Death!"

Finally, once a good website pulls a targeted visitor intorepparttar 138795 text, they provide focused, benefit-oriented product information, articles and other content that plays torepparttar 138796 reader's built-in mental radio station, WII-FM (What's In It For Me)!

By providing narrowly focused content,repparttar 138797 website satisfies specific desires forrepparttar 138798 audience and, if it's a topic of intense interest, holds their attention for an extended period of time and gets them to buy.

The next time you get a "great idea" for an ebook, Internet business, or someone approaches you with a "can't miss" online tech stock, pull out this list and use it to evaluaterepparttar 138799 big picture.

Understanding how and why websites succeed or fail can help you predictrepparttar 138800 ultimate fate of just about any online venture.

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How To Increase Your Traffic Using Reciprocal Links

Written by Jason Tarasi

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To find similar programs, simply go to and search on "Link Exchange Software" for more programs.

2.) Find high quality Websites to exchange links with

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this:

- You can use software such as SEO Elite to find highly targeted link exchange partners.

SEO Elite -

- Use Alexia to find high traffic link partners for your site.

Alexia is a very powerful search engine that allows you to:

* Searchrepparttar Web and other resources directly from your toolbar. * Obtain traffic and contact information for each site. * Surf more efficiently with related links for each page.

The information found on Alexia is very powerful, yet it can become quite time consuming contacting each Webmaster individually (Remember to automate as many tasks as possible).

- Subscribe to these reciprocal links newsletters:

Elite Links -

Zebulon Exchange of Links -

Each newsletter is packed with Websites looking to exchange links.

3.) To keep track of your link popularity, visit:

You will see a major spike in traffic to your Website within a few short months of starting your link campaign.

It is important that you set aside a day or two each week to run your campaign.

Remember, you will only get of your campaign, what you put into it.

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