Focus Your Web Site... Or Get Out Of Business

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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1) I removed allrepparttar links to irrelevant articles and focusedrepparttar 134729 entire site around web design for beginners. 2) Those old articles are still there (hey, they generated a lot of general traffic fromrepparttar 134730 Search Engines!), but are not linked to fromrepparttar 134731 homepage.

3) I created a small pop-up window that asks for my visitors e-mails

4) Placed a sign-up form right on my home page, and linked to another page called "free newsletter" in case my visitors come from a page other than my home page.

5) I have also created an attractive cartoonish logo for my newsletter.

6) Every past issue of my newsletter includes a sign up form atrepparttar 134732 bottom so people can subscribe right after reading it.

Can you guess what happened?

The number of people signing up for my newsletter tripled! I went from 20 subscriptions a week to 60 - in just a few days. This means that every month my list will grow by approximately 240 people! And every self-respecting successful marketer has a growing list to announce new products and offers, test marketing strategies, and develop a close relationship with their subscribers.

Now, if I wanted to make my web design forum asrepparttar 134733 main focus of, for example, I would emphasize it right onrepparttar 134734 home page: with graphics, links and incentives.

So, ask yourself now: what is my "Most Wanted Response"? Then make sure your entire web site is centered around this goal. Withrepparttar 134735 right amount of quality traffic, I guarantee you will accomplish that goal.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web and the author of two books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

Designing A Successful Web Site

Written by Myron Curry

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1.Your main page should giverepparttar visitor an "at a glance" understanding as to what you do and what is likely contained within your site.

2.Your main page MUST load quickly. Potential buyers are busy and unlikely to wait around for your page to load.

3.Provide a site map! (And make it easy to get to from any page). If your visitor is immediately interested in what you offer, a site map gives themrepparttar 134728 ability to quickly locaterepparttar 134729 product or service they are looking for.

4.Keep your overall design clean and uncluttered. Images, animation and links are integral parts of a successful and attractive site, but they can work against you if they're over done.

5.Throughout your site, ensure that it is obvious to your visitor where and how to contact you. Place your contact information (or a link to it) wherever you provide product or service information.

Consider having a professional web marketing firm review your existing site or participate inrepparttar 134730 development of your new site.

Myron Curry is President of Pacific Business Marketing, a full service internet marketing and business development company. You may contact Myron at For additional internet business tips, visit Pacific Business Marketing's web site at

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