Flying kites in Beijing

Written by Jacklyn Chen

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There are five locations in Beijing arerepparttar best for flying kites. Can't wait any longer? Go pick one to your liking quickly! There are couple of things you need to pay attention when choosing a kite - 1. chooserepparttar 147048 pattern that you like; 2.repparttar 147049 strength ofrepparttar 147050 bamboo strips on each side of two wings must berepparttar 147051 same, or it will not be able to balance itself inrepparttar 147052 sky.

The environment for flying kites is very important. You should always go to a spacious place. Roughly count a bit, Beijing has quite a few places that are ideal for flying kites.

  1. Tiananmen Square - Kites flying inrepparttar 147053 sky of The Tiananmen Square has becomerepparttar 147054 most attractive scenery on Chang'an Street, nowhere else is more ideal than here in terms of space. A major drawback is thatrepparttar 147055 freedom of flying a kite can be somewhat limited due torepparttar 147056 surrounding crowds (mostly tourists).
  2. Chaoyang Park - The north side ofrepparttar 147057 green area inrepparttar 147058 park isrepparttar 147059 best place to fly a kite. No trees around, no buildings, more importantly, it is permitted to fly kites onrepparttar 147060 grass areas. But be careful not to trip yourself when running.
  3. Surrounding areas ofrepparttar 147061 Panda Rotary Island - It is spacious, fewer vehicles and people, does not have any obstacles, with a bit of history of flying kites. Expert kite lovers normally like to get together here.
  4. Chinese Century World - Here most advantage is there are very few trees,repparttar 147062 kite may freely fly around in much wider range. Butrepparttar 147063 Century World's artificial lawn has limited load-bearing capacity,repparttar 147064 lawn is well maintained and protected, growing ofrepparttar 147065 grass may be affected if too many people keep stepping on it.
  5. Shijingshan Amusement Park - The open area in front ofrepparttar 147066 park isrepparttar 147067 best place for family of three or lovers to fly kites. The problems arerepparttar 147068 park is next torepparttar 147069 street, there are trees around, therefore kites can not be released too high. Other drawbacks are there are stairs inrepparttar 147070 park,repparttar 147071 central park has an eruptive fountain, you'd better be careful when running onrepparttar 147072 slippery ground.

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Travelling Overseas Staying Healthy

Written by Felicity Walker

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Other things that should be observed arerepparttar general cleanliness ofrepparttar 147012 restaurant or food preparation area. A restaurant with no electricity, meat covered in flies hanging on hooks and perhaps a few stray animals wandering around is hardly likely to be a good risk!

There are alsorepparttar 147013 risks that can be avoided much more easily. These include casual sexual contact, intravenous drug use and other skin piercing activities such as tattooing and ear-piercing.

It is also important that you mention to your doctor that you have been travelling overseas to developed countries if you develop any symptoms such as nausea, lethargy, fever or jaundice after your return. These can often be categorised as a flu or common virus, when in fact they may be symptoms of a hepatitis infection. With full travel details,repparttar 147014 doctor will be more able to make a correct diagnosis and suggest necessary further testing.

With almost all health issues,repparttar 147015 key to disease free overseas travel is common sense. If you are going to be visiting a developing area, takerepparttar 147016 time to ensure you receiverepparttar 147017 necessary vaccinations in plenty of time for your trip. After all, that small amount of forethought may prevent a great deal of trouble later on. Copyright Felicity Walker 2005

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