Flower Meanings & History of Flowers

Written by Josh Grossman

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Lisianthus Lisianthus may sound like a Latin name, but it is one of several common names associated with this plant. It is also referred to as Prairie Gentian, Prairie Rose or Texas Bluebell. The flowers existing today are derived from an American wildflower that is native to prairies ranging from Colorado to Nebraska and down to Texas. Meanings: outgoing, thoughts

Orchids Duringrepparttar 19th Century, orchids were widely collected. With nearly 25,000 varieties, some orchids are amongrepparttar 113294 most exquisite and expensive flowers available. In antiquity, orchids were correlated with love and fertility. It was common knowledge that they would protect against diseases. Given as a gift they stand for preciousness and seduction. Meanings: seduction, preciousness

Snapdragons Snapdragons are an old decorative flower, widely used byrepparttar 113295 Romans. From its origin in southern Spainrepparttar 113296 cultivated form was spread throughoutrepparttar 113297 whole Roman Empire. Nowadays remnants of this original population which all belong torepparttar 113298 species Antirrhinum majus are found among Roman remains like temples in southern France, Malta, and Italy. The flower, also called "gracious lady" stands for deception.

Meanings: desire, strength Roses With their far-reaching popularity, roses arerepparttar 113299 queens of flowers. After buttercup,repparttar 113300 roses arerepparttar 113301 second oldest variety of flowers onrepparttar 113302 planet. Biologists can trace roses back some 200 million years! Although there is a huge number of meanings and symbols associated with roses,repparttar 113303 most common of course is love, which originated in Greek mythology. When Aphrodite cried aboutrepparttar 113304 death of her lover Adonis, she had red "Adonis Roses" grown with his blood, - thus red roses arerepparttar 113305 symbol of never-ending love. Important to mention arerepparttar 113306 roses' thorns, of which we all probably have some painful memory. Symbolically, love can be painful and full of suffering when not treated carefully. Red roses: I love you, unconscious beauty White roses: spiritual love, purity Yellow roses: joy, gladness Orange roses: fascinated, enthusiastic Pink roses: grace, gentility

Tulips Originally from Persia, tulips were introduced to Western Europe andrepparttar 113307 Netherlands inrepparttar 113308 17th century. When growers started to hybridizerepparttar 113309 flower, they found ways of making it even more decorative. Hybrids ofrepparttar 113310 flower were a scarcity atrepparttar 113311 time and a symbol of high status. Soon tulips became very popular as a trading product and bulbs were traded atrepparttar 113312 highest prices. The months of late 1636 to early 1637 would make history inrepparttar 113313 Netherlands as "Tulipmania". A bed of tulips was worth up to $5,000,repparttar 113314 value of a small house in Amsterdam. The bulbs became currency, and their value was quoted atrepparttar 113315 stock market. Meanings: perfect lover, fame

Sunflowers Sunflowers turn their heads towardrepparttar 113316 sun and this how they got their common name. They originated in Central and South America. Sunflowers are not only pretty to look at but sunflower seeds are power-packed with healthy fats, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamin E - all important torepparttar 113317 nutritional quality of your diet. Wait! That doesn't mean you're supposed to eatrepparttar 113318 seeds out of your sunflower bouquet. Meanings: adoration, sunshine

Josh Grossman is cofounder of online florist, Beyond Blossoms (http://www.beyondblossoms.com). Beyond Blossoms ships farm fresh flower bouquets nationwide.

Selecting the Proper Pump for your Backyard Water Garden Feature

Written by Gerry Fung

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If you plan on having fish, your water circulation demands will be drastically increased. Fish rely onrepparttar oxygen inrepparttar 113293 water to survive, hence a proper pump for a fish pond must ensure that extra oxygen is both introduced intorepparttar 113294 pond, and distributed throughoutrepparttar 113295 pond. The general rule of thumb is that you must double your pump GPH if you plan on raising fish. An example of a pump that would be appropriate for fish is GardenSuperMartís UltraFlo line of pumps. These pumps have oxygen intake valves and an unique air/water air mix system which effectively increasesrepparttar 113296 oxygen concentration in your pond.

The advantage of GardenSuperMartís low-maintenance, magnetic-driven UltraFlo pump kits is that they contain a sealed unit with a large enclosure that prevents debris from cloggingrepparttar 113297 water intake. The UltraFlo line of pumps starts at 200 GPH, and increase up to 660 GPH. All UltraFlo pump kits come complete with a telescopic riser and diverter and 3 fountain heads.

If you require a more powerful pump, GardenSuperMart also has a SuperFlo line of pump kits that can provide up to 1585 GPH. All SuperFlo kits come complete with a telescopic riser and diverter, 4 fountain heads, and a sponge pre-filter. An optional SuperFlo Mechancial and Biological filter can also be added torepparttar 113298 pump to provide additional water filtration for your fish.

Bothrepparttar 113299 SuperFlo andrepparttar 113300 UltraFlo pumps can be purchased online at GardenSuperMartís store, www.buypond.com. In late May 2005, GardenSuperMart will also introduce a new line of MaxFlo waterfall pumps that can provide up to 2780 GPH of pumping power. Please stay tuned for further news and details.

Gerry Fung is the Vice President of GardenSuperMart. More information about their pond pump lines can be obtained at http://www.gardensupermart.com/buypond/c230094.2.html

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