Floral Design and Floristry as a Career

Written by Fay A Chamoun

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Afterrepparttar interview is over thankrepparttar 109282 employer for seeing you, and ifrepparttar 109283 position offered appeals to you, you could say "I am very impressed with your shop" or "I would really ikerepparttar 109284 opportunity of working for you". An employer would much rather employ a person who really wantsrepparttar 109285 position in preference to someone who is indifferent.


Many people findrepparttar 109286 idea of going into business for themselves very tempting. You may wantto open your own florist shop, but you should be fully aware of allrepparttar 109287 facts before you make a decision to start up or buy into a business. HOW TO DECIDE IF YOU ARE THE RIGHT TYPE OF PERSON TO GO INTO FLORIST BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF.


You will have a feeling of fulfilment of being involved in such a creative industry such as floristry.

If you run a successful florist business it can be far more rewarding financially than working for wages.

There is a feeling of security in owning your own successful florist business.

You will find running your own florist shop is never dull. You will never know what each day will bring. Working for yourself is far more exciting than going to work in an often dull routine job.

You will meet some very interesting people through dealing directly withrepparttar 109288 public. This can often develop into lasting friendships.

You will be providing a real service to your customers. The skilled florist is always appreciated and will have a secure life-long career.


(You will find it helpful if you do this questionnaire)

As Floristry is a lot of hard work and often long hours are involved, do you haverepparttar 109289 necessary health and energy to run a business? Yes / No

Do you have enough money to start a florist business? Do you have another source of borrowing money if necessary? Sometimes you will need to inject extra funds intorepparttar 109290 business Yes / No

Are you self motivated and have enough discipline to be able to organise yourself to see whatrepparttar 109291 most important tasks are and to see each one is carried out? Yes / No

Are you a reasonably quick worker? Yes / No

When a problem arises, are yourepparttar 109292 type of person who can come up with a solution? Yes / No

If you have a family, do you have someone you can rely on to help withrepparttar 109293 children? Yes / No

To stand a good chance in a floristry business you should honestly be able to answer "Yes" to allrepparttar 109294 above questions.

How successful you are in Floristry, as in anything in life, will depend on how much time and effort YOU are prepared to put into it.

In our floristry diploma course we will teach you step by step how to create artistic traditional and modern floral designsrepparttar 109295 professional way.

Floristry is creative

Floristry brings joy and happiness to others

Floristry is a people business. Unlike many other occupations,repparttar 109296 florist will never be replaced by a computer.

Floristry is a challenging and satisfying career. The florist with flair and imagination is always in demand.

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Pumpkin Teaching Tip

Written by Freda J. Glatt, M.A.

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4. If possible, use real pumpkin meat for one of your recipes and canned pumpkin for another. Which is easier to use? Comparerepparttar look, taste, and texture ofrepparttar 109281 final result. Which do you prefer? Why? 5. Read about pumpkins. What did you learn that surprised you? Compare them to other vegetables. 6. If possible, visit a pumpkin patch or watch a video, perhaps sent by Pen Pals or family members up north.

I hope you have found these tips useful. Have fun and remember that Reading is FUNdamental!!

Freda J. Glatt retired from teaching after a 34-year career in early childhood and elementary education. Her focus, now, is to reach out and help others reinforce reading comprehension and develop a love for reading. Visit her site at http://www.sandralreading.com. Reading is FUNdamental!

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