Fix Your Site With the Right Dogtype

Written by Chris P Bohn

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Dachshund - The dachshund is a long dog, also called a 'sausage dog' because of its shape. Use this Dogtype if you have one of those old sites that has everything onrepparttar site on one looooong single page. This page will carry on scrolling down forever as it loads. You knowrepparttar 145450 ones I mean. Scroll much further and you will probably find yourself in Australia. (Of course, if you live in Australia, then you will probably end up scrolling down to England. Life can be tough sometimes, can't it?) When I come across one of these sites I start to get really jittery as I watchrepparttar 145451 scrollbar shrink down to about one millimeter wide. My mouse is simply not engineered to be able to get hold of something that small!

Great Dane - Restricted Dogtype for websites in Denmark (near Norway, Europe). This Dogtype is expected to be of little significance to most webmasters inrepparttar 145452 rest ofrepparttar 145453 world.

Unfortunately none ofrepparttar 145454 current versions of IE are compatible with any of these new Dogtypes (except Mutt/Mongrel). So IE will render your pages in Quirks mode whether you use them or not. Other browsers handle Dogtypes correctly and it is anticipated that IE7 will do so too.

Web developers believe that ifrepparttar 145455 Dogtype declaration is included in major search engine listings it will be a big help to Web users everywhere. Surfers will be warned in advance whether a site uses lots of Flash, scripts or animations and can then decide whether or not to click on a link.

The above Dogtypes will all have a Strict and a Transitional version. The Transitional Dogtypes all allow forrepparttar 145456 use of deprecated squeaky pet toys. Unfortunately though, there are no plans for any ofrepparttar 145457 new Dogtypes to have a Frameset version.

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Shooting and optimizing your internet images

Written by Steve Nichols

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You can userepparttar same technique if photographing someone with an object, such as an award. Get them to hold it up against their face, not on their chest.

When usingrepparttar 144804 viewfinder or preview screen really work hard to fill every pixel, moving people around if need be.

Once you haverepparttar 144805 shot there is a lot you can do to improve it. I have yet to see any image straight out of a digital camera that couldn’t be enhanced.

First, make sure you are viewingrepparttar 144806 image onrepparttar 144807 type of monitor that everyone else inrepparttar 144808 organisation is going to use. If using a Macintosh, changerepparttar 144809 gamma setting from 1.8 to 2.2 (the Windows standard). Images displayed on a PC are inherently more contrasty than they look on a Mac if you don’t.

In Photoshop, adjustrepparttar 144810 levels usingrepparttar 144811 histogram as a guide. This is better than usingrepparttar 144812 brightness and contrast controls. Sometimes it can help to boostrepparttar 144813 saturation by +10 too, depending upon what camera you use.

Then croprepparttar 144814 image to show what you want, bearing in mind how it will be used onrepparttar 144815 screen. Once cropped, resizerepparttar 144816 image down to 250 pixels or whatever you normally use. If you resize and then crop you will end up with something totallyrepparttar 144817 wrong size!

The final step is to apply some Unsharp Masking torepparttar 144818 image to put back some ofrepparttar 144819 definition lost through resizing. It is amazing how many people don’t do this. Typical settings in Photoshop are Amount: 30-100%, Radius 1.5 pixels and Threshold 5-7 levels.

Don’t overdorepparttar 144820 sharpening. If it looks too gritty, cutrepparttar 144821 Amount down by half.

Finally, save as a JPEG file (not a GIF, which only uses 256 colors, instead ofrepparttar 144822 JPEG’s 16.7 million), choosing an appropriate level of compression. When all internet connections were via a modem it was important to getrepparttar 144823 file size incredibly small, but with most intranets you can afford to make them a little bigger.

Usingrepparttar 144824 “Save for Web option” you can play withrepparttar 144825 “Quality” control to get a good balance between file size and image quality. You should be able to get a 250 x 200 pixel image down to around 10k with no sign of degradation or artefacts – these arerepparttar 144826 strange squiggles you see in over-compressed images.

Voila! You now have an image that is well composed, tightly cropped, optimized, sharpened and ready for use.

Steve Nichols runs InfoTech Communications (, which specialises in online communications. He has acted as consultant and trainer for many blue-chip companies including Aviva, AWG, BT, Shell, Standard Life, HBOS, BNFL, AstraZeneca, Diageo, Accenture and Australia New Zealand Bank.

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