Five Ways to Refresh Your Relationship

Written by Rinatta Paries

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4. Resolve conflict quickly. It is hard to say you are sorry inrepparttar heat of an argument. In some ways it is easier to have a fight and go into your separate corners. But unresolved conflict, or conflict that lingers, fosters long-term hurt and resentment. It's ok to disagree. But it's important to find a resolution quickly.

5. Keeprepparttar 101945 romance alive. In a long-term relationship, romance is not something that happens automatically most ofrepparttar 101946 time. Everyday pressures and time constraints have a tendency to rob us of spontaneity. Romance needs to be consciously created. Remember that romance will keep your relationship fresh and exciting and will keeprepparttar 101947 two of you close. Take turns creating romance intentionally.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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6 Reasons Why Setting Goals Doesn't Work

Written by Kathy Gates

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5. Floating Goals - These goals are floating around in your head, usually masquerading as a wish list. I call these floating goals, because they're not rooted in reality. Writing down goals (and strategies and actions) takes them out ofrepparttar *wishing* category torepparttar 101944 "real" category. It's no longer just a pipe dream in your head. It's a goal, with a strategy, and actions associated with it. You know what you want, and you know how to get it. If it's written down, you simply filter all decision (big and small) through your goals.does it contribute to my goal, or contaminate it? Example: You have a goal to write a best selling romance novel, with a strategy of writing one chapter each week for 36 weeks, and your action is to spend 1 hour per day towards each chapter. If you don't schedule - AND PROTECT - that 1 hour each day, it's more than likely that you'll get torepparttar 101945 end of each week wondering why you didn't get more done.

6. Blind Goals -- No matter how nicely laid outrepparttar 101946 goals, strategies, and actions are.if you don't SEE them and review them, and let them become part of who and what you are and do, on a daily basis, you'll lose track of them. The job,repparttar 101947 errands,repparttar 101948 latest TV show, worrying about money, worrying about kids, worrying aboutrepparttar 101949 economy will all crowd out your time, thoughts, and energy. They may remain inrepparttar 101950 back of your mind, but you won't gear your life towards them. Post them onrepparttar 101951 'fridge, inrepparttar 101952 car, onrepparttar 101953 back door, onrepparttar 101954 bathroom mirror.anywhere that you'll see them regularly.

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, helps people set priorities and goals, take actions, make changes, and reshape their lives. She is the author of an Ebook and several Email Coaching Programs available at, call 480.998.5843

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