Five Ways To Super-Charge Your Ads

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

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This product will help you pull 28% more visitors.

Tellrepparttar customer how you can make their life easier and you will get a nice percentage of visitors.

Be specific with your statements.

Notice how I used 5 hours and not, a few hours a week.

Also, using an exact percentage such as 28%, is much better than rounding it off to 30%.

A specific type statement is much more believable than a generic one.

4. Test your Headlines

You should now test your headlines to see which one pullsrepparttar 101092 best.

The number of headlines that you test will depend on what size budget you are working with.

I am going to use an example of how I test two different headlines. You can userepparttar 101093 same principles to check as many as you choose.

This is one way that I test my headlines. There are many ways to test. Use your imagination andrepparttar 101094 ways are unlimited. This is a nice simple one.

I now have my ad copy finished and I will userepparttar 101095 same ad copy with both headlines.

I choose a couple of ezines within my budget and buy a couple of some type Sponsor Ad. I personally prefer to userepparttar 101096 Top Sponsor spot. It attracts more attention and not only gives me truer results but also usually gives me more sales as well.

The first week I run my ad with Headline A in ezine number 1 and Headline B in ezine number 2. The second week, I switchrepparttar 101097 ads torepparttar 101098 other ezine.

Withrepparttar 101099 ads running for a full week in each ezine, I have pretty good numbers to check for results.

You now know which headline pullsrepparttar 101100 best, so it's time to start your ad campaign.

5. Advertising Campaign Deluxe

At this point, most ofrepparttar 101101 work is done, but not quite.

The two most popular places to advertise are Solo Ads in ezines andrepparttar 101102 Pay-Per- Click search engines.

I personally prefer to use Solo Ads as my primary method of advertising. With a little research, you can find some ofrepparttar 101103 better ezines to advertise in.

I personally like to subscribe torepparttar 101104 ezine and check it out. You want to find ezines that have valuable information. Ifrepparttar 101105 ezine provides good content,repparttar 101106 subscribers are usually reading and if they are reading, you have a great audience for your ad.

The second choice is Pay-Per-Click search engines. They can be a very valuable tool when used correctly but they can also cost you a big chunk of money quickly if you are not skilled at using them.

I would recommend that you use Solo Ads until you are sure that your sales page or website are accomplishing what you wish.

Getting a successful ad campaign offrepparttar 101107 ground takes a lot of time and effort. Most are not willing to payrepparttar 101108 price for success. Takerepparttar 101109 time to make your campaign successful by Super-Charging your ads.

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Capture Their Attention With Your Title!

Written by A.T.Rendon

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4. Ask A Question?

Questions always deserve an answer and we are taught to respond.

5. ALWAYS userepparttar Truth.

Don't use unbelievable claims just to grab attention. You will loserepparttar 101091 good-will of your prospects if you lie to or mislead them.


Use of all capitals is considered rude onrepparttar 101092 Internet as it stands for shouting or angry talk. If used throughout an entire ad, it becomes difficult to read and appears amateurish.

7. Test Your Title.

Use different title lines to see which one will drawrepparttar 101093 greatest response. You will find one that works better for you thanrepparttar 101094 others. And even after you findrepparttar 101095 best title, keep testing!

Make use of these 7 simple, yet powerful techniques to Capturerepparttar 101096 Attention of Your prospects and your ads will stand out inrepparttar 101097 crowd amongst all repparttar 101098 millions of ads that are found online today.

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