Five Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Diet

Written by Anthony J. Burlay, M.D.

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4. Ruin your wardrobe Part ofrepparttar excitement of losing weight is finding your clothes get loose–or, finding that last year’s jeans actually fit now. One way to reinforce your efforts is to set aside some funds for every pound you lose. Put away $5, $10, or whatever amount feels right and when you hit that goal, go shopping and replace your ill fitting old clothes.

5. Enjoyrepparttar 131175 extra energy As you lose weight, you’ll feel better and likely have more energy. Do something you’ve been putting off. Or, takerepparttar 131176 energy and become more active as you had been inrepparttar 131177 past. The increased energy as you lose weight lets you do more and increasing your activity level only moves you closer to your weight loss goals.

Take what you know about your body and turn it into a plan that works for you. Sometimes, it takes a complete direction change to get to your goals. Other times, some fine tuning can turn a good plan into a success.

Anthony J. Burlay, M.D. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Author of The Foundation Diet: Your Body Was Designed to Eat, a plan he created after losing and keeping off 50 pounds. Learn more at

The Hated Cellulite Cure That Works

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

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Make your body tingle with energy Just try walking briskly at a rate fast enough to make your thighs and rear-end tingle. That way, you know you are stimulatingrepparttar fat while simultaneously massagingrepparttar 131174 skin. Moreover, you are raising your external body temperature. You can spend $100s of dollars at a spa trying to getrepparttar 131175 same effect in some body wrap or massage machine. Spare yourselfrepparttar 131176 hassle and get real results fromrepparttar 131177 gym or onrepparttar 131178 trail.

3.Makerepparttar 131179 most of weight training The most ridiculous fear that arises from women when I suggest weight training isrepparttar 131180 unfounded cry, “But I don’t want to get bulky and muscular!” Please. Too many women inrepparttar 131181 gym today are hardly in any danger of developing muscle simply because they are not properly training or eating to gain muscle.

The only way to get “bulky” with muscle is to consistently train for years lifting heavy weights and eating a generally bland diet that’s rich in protein. With that, it’s critical to makerepparttar 131182 most of your muscle training minutes inrepparttar 131183 gym. Grantedrepparttar 131184 variety of weight lifting techniques remains endless, here’s some basic steps for increasing your muscle mass:

Eat before lifting Eat at least 45 minutes before lifting weights. While, your stomach should not fill bloated with food, having some nutrients in your stomach will ensure that you have enough energy to actually liftrepparttar 131185 weight and perform enough repetitions to promote muscle growth.

Lift enough weight to feel your muscle burn after 8-10 repetitions. The whole point of lifting weights is to tear downrepparttar 131186 muscle you have so that it will repair itself and grow back stronger and more plentiful. If you are not burning, it’s likely that you are not breaking down muscle.

Refuel your muscles with protein and carbohydrates immediately after lifting weights. Professional bodybuilders strategically plan their day to ensure that they get their protein within at most 45 minutes after having lifted weights. This is becauserepparttar 131187 muscle needs fuel to repair itself. If you skip feeding a repairing muscle, it will not grow, or at best you’ll reap minimal results.

Moreover, a resent study published inrepparttar 131188 June 2004 edition ofrepparttar 131189 International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism confirmed that after resistance training, a meal containing protein and carbohydrates produced more muscle growth than a meal consisting purely of carbohydrates.

Consistent dieting habits, exercising and resistance training effectively eliminate cellulite. This three-tiered strategy reduces excess fat and tonesrepparttar 131190 skin- collectively revealing a smooth, bump-free backside. Though you may haterepparttar 131191 method, it produces visible results four to six weeks with regular usage.

Health author and Stanford University graduate Naweko San-Joyz lovingly writes from her home in San Diego. Her works include “Acne Messages: Crack the code of your zits and say goodbye to acne” (ISBN: 0974912204) and the upcoming work “Skinny Fat Chicks, Why we’re still not getting this dieting thing” (ISBN: 0974912212) for release in June of 2005. For useful acne self-help articles visit

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