Five Ways To Maximize Profit In Resale Rights Marketing

Written by Sean Felker

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Here are five options that a resale rights marketer can use to maximizerepparttar potentials of any products he plans to resell.

1.Re-brand, repackage, resell. Ifrepparttar 146809 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146810 master rights torepparttar 146811 product, he could name himself asrepparttar 146812 author, change a few things here and there, and sellrepparttar 146813 product as something new.

2. Buy and sell. The resale rights marketer can also partake ofrepparttar 146814 most fundamental principle of profit: buy low, sell high. In our illustration,repparttar 146815 resale rights marketer boughtrepparttar 146816 master rights torepparttar 146817 product for $25. He could sellrepparttar 146818 same master rights for a higher amount.

Or better yet, he could sellrepparttar 146819 product itself to many interested buyers at a price that he would deem sustainable and reasonable. Imagine if he succeeds on sellingrepparttar 146820 product to 90 people for $10 each. That’s $900 from a $25 investment!

3. Divide and distribute. The resale rights marketer can also dividerepparttar 146821 product into several components, and sell or use them individually. An e-book, for example, can be broken down to a series of articles which can be used as auto-responders, e-zine content, or chapters for other e-books.

4. Use it as a freebie. Ifrepparttar 146822 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146823 master rights torepparttar 146824 product or is otherwise allowed byrepparttar 146825 license, he could bundle it with another one to increaserepparttar 146826 latter’s value and justify a higher selling price. Or he could userepparttar 146827 product as a freebie in a viral marketing campaign he is employing.

5. Have it auctioned. Ifrepparttar 146828 resale rights marketer holdsrepparttar 146829 master rights torepparttar 146830 product or is otherwise allowed byrepparttar 146831 license, he could haverepparttar 146832 product auctioned torepparttar 146833 highest bidder. This would allow him to earn more than what he originally paid for!

There are many other ways by whichrepparttar 146834 resale rights marketer can earn through this trade. The possibilities are only limited by his imagination!

Sean Felker is the publisher of the very successful and popular Work at Home and Making Money on the Internet blog:

How to Predict Your Way to Wealth & Create Winner Products! (Part I)

Written by Mike Mograbi

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“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates, 1981

Question: What would make experts and people with great minds likerepparttar ones just quoted make such 'humorous' predictions?

The answer is one word: The blinding power of PARADIGMS.

Even experts and professionals are sometimes unable to look past their own paradigms.

What exacly is a 'paradigm'?

A paradigm is a set of rules and regulations (written or unwritten) that does two things:

(1) it establishes or defines boundaries (mental, behavioral, etc.); and (2) it tells you how to think anc behave insiderepparttar 146688 boundaries in order to be successful.

Paradigms determine how people perceiverepparttar 146689 world. People see best what they are 'supposed' to see. Prevailing paradigms determine that.

Also people see poorly, or not at all, information and data that does not fit into such paradigms. They are literally unable to 'see' things right before their very eyes.

Here's what you have to know:

The future of your business exists just outsiderepparttar 146690 boundaries of your industry's prevailing paradigm(s).

Free yourself fromrepparttar 146691 mentally enslaving and paralyzing power of prevailing paradigms and you'll see how easy it becomes to come up with amazing discoveries and innovations.

A paradigm shift occurs when there's a breakout from an old paradigm into a new set of rules.

Therefore, to be able to seerepparttar 146692 future and make accurate predictions, you have to:

I. Think twice before you say 'impossible': Remember, advances in technology are makingrepparttar 146693 impossible possible. What is “impossible” today is so only inrepparttar 146694 context of present paradigms.

II. Look past prevailing paradigm(s).

III. Watchrepparttar 146695 rule breakers: Keep a close eye on professional people messing withrepparttar 146696 rules, because that isrepparttar 146697 earliest sign of significant change.

And whenrepparttar 146698 rules change,repparttar 146699 whole world can change.

Mike Mograbi is the author of 378 Internet Marketing Predictions, a two-volume ebook acclaimed by internet marketing pros and gurus. Predictions about: Search engines, affiliate marketing, desktop real-estate, online advertising & promotion, membership sites, niche markets and resell rights markets, breakthrough/emerging technologies, XML, Macromedia Flash, audio/video/multimedia, virtual reality, and more!

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