Five Top Success Tips

Written by Dan Brown

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Proper time management is essential as you climb to success. Continue to break goals down in to manageable chunks—do that with relation to your day andrepparttar time you’ve been given. You’ll accomplish far more this way and you won’t regret using your time wisely.

Master Non-Verbal Communication: it is said that our body language and facial expressions do much more communicating than our words will ever do. Whenrepparttar 143639 words that you speak don’t matchrepparttar 143640 expressions on your face orrepparttar 143641 stance of your body, you confuserepparttar 143642 listener and muddle your message.

Be aware that when you try to “multi-task,” you often end up short-changing something, andrepparttar 143643 last thing you want is to short-change people. Don’t try to do too much at once—your willingness to do this tells people they aren’t important, even if you’re expressing your appreciation of their work and effort. Be aware of what message your body is sending off!

Dan Brown has been active in internet marketing for the past 4 years. Dan currently is working with the Zabang search engine, introducing their new affiliate program which is due out July, 2005.

What's Holding You Back?

Written by Joi Sigers

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With each subsequent utterance, these automatic messages have built that dividing wall, one brick at a time. One "I can't do this!" = 1 brick inrepparttar wall.

Right now, I want you to identify your present message. Delete it and get ready to program another! You need an affirmative message - one that will inspire not inhibit, encourage not discourage, and motivate you to overcome rather than to be overcome.

The choice forrepparttar 143523 message is up to you. One ofrepparttar 143524 simplest ones, but most effective is, "I CAN DO THIS." A few other suggestions are, "I'm better than this", "I'm bigger than this", and "I'm up for it." I knew a really colorful guy once who always said, "Not a problem." Whenever crazy things went on around him, he'd respond with his catch phrase. He was a lot of fun to be around, and come to think of it - he didn't seem to have many problems!

So what's holding you back? You are! More specifically, your thoughts are. They're responsible for buildingrepparttar 143525 wall between you and your dreams. As soon as you ditch them and replace them with affirmations,repparttar 143526 wall will come crashing down and nothing will be in your way!

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