Written by Diana Keuilian

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TIP #4 Fuel Your Fire Have you ever tended a campfire? You probably remember continuously adding sticks and branches to keeprepparttar fire from running out of fuel. Your body’s metabolism is similar in its need for constant fuel. Eating a small meal every three hours is a great way to keep your metabolism high all day long. When your metabolism is high you burn more calories throughoutrepparttar 131419 day and are less likely to store fat. Rather than eating 2 or 3 large meals a day, and allowing your ‘fire’ to go out, giving way to hunger pains, try eating a small meal every three hours and be amazed at your weight loss results.

TIP #5 Curb Your Carbs I’m sure sometime inrepparttar 131420 past year you have found yourself subjected torepparttar 131421 testimony of a converted ‘low-carb’ enthusiast. While these people may look great it is definitely notrepparttar 131422 right diet for everyone. Extreme fatigue, crankiness and downright impracticality are what make this diet a tough cookie to swallow. Cutting one or two carb-filled items out of your daily diet can make a huge difference in meeting weight loss goals. While I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your bread basket entirely, consciously cutting carb-filled items out of your daily food intake is a great idea. If you normally have a sandwich for lunch make it open-faced, thus cutting out half ofrepparttar 131423 bread. If you enjoy eating pasta for dinner reduce your pasta portion and add extra vegetables. These minor changes to your daily diet will prove themselves priceless when you step ontorepparttar 131424 scale!

It is you againstrepparttar 131425 bulge, and now that you are armed with these 5 tips for easy weight loss, I am confident that you are going to win! Keep in mind that consistency isrepparttar 131426 key. The more effort that you put into implementing these 5 tips into your daily lifestyle,repparttar 131427 quickerrepparttar 131428 unwanted pounds will disappear!

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The Truth About Fat

Written by Kim Beardsmore

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3. There are two different types of body fat - brown and yellow. Brown fat is situated insiderepparttar body and is 'active', containing mitochondria that produce heat (thermogenesis) and as a result burn energy. Yellow fat is found nearerrepparttar 131418 surface, is less active and more likely to accumulate. Women tend to have a higher ratio of yellow fat than men.

4. Women need higher levels of fat because it is essential for reproduction and sorepparttar 131419 body stores it 'just in case'.

5. An average healthy intake of good fats inrepparttar 131420 diet should be approximately 30-40 grams a day. The fat content of diets in affluent populations can be nearly four times this amount!

6. Most foods containing fat combine saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat in varying quantities. For instance, butter's fat content is almost 100%, of which 60% is saturated, 30% monounsaturated and 10% polyunsaturated, compared with sunflower seeds' fat content of 73%, of which just 12% is saturated and 21% monounsaturated and 67% is polyunsaturated.

7. Heat, light and oxygen destroy essential fatty acids, which is why it is best to keep oils in dark containers.

8. Essential fats must come fromrepparttar 131421 diet because your body cannot produce them. The essential healthy fats are Omega 3 and Omega 6 (known as essential fatty acids).

9. Weight for weight, fat provides more than twicerepparttar 131422 amount of usable energy than carbohydrates or protein (you'll find 9 calories in every gram of fat).

10. Fat contributes torepparttar 131423 palatability, texture andrepparttar 131424 smell of many foods, it also slows downrepparttar 131425 process of digestion providing an extended period of satiation after a meal.

When you knowrepparttar 131426 good fromrepparttar 131427 bad, fat is fabulous!

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