Five Times for Search Engine Optimization

Written by Jennifer Guinan

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4. Put it inrepparttar Flash can. Don't let your web designer talk you into a Flash intro. Not only will everyone skip it because it's annoying and doesn't provide much in terms of information, it will stoprepparttar 136728 search engine spiders that crawl your site dead in their tracks.

5. Be more than a welcome mat. Develop unique titles for each of your pages. These titles appear atrepparttar 136729 top ofrepparttar 136730 web browser window when your prospects or potential investors check out your site. So please, don't use, "Welcome to XYZ Company." This tells them nothing of value, except maybe that you have manners. Userepparttar 136731 title to tell what you do, what problem you solve, and/or whatrepparttar 136732 particular page is about. We're only talking about a handful of words per page (10 max), so it's not as painful as it might sound.

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CEO Meet SEO - Introduction to Optimization

Written by Christine Stander

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SEO is just one area ofrepparttar growing search engine marketing service industry. Most website owners turn to it first as it is a source of free traffic, unlike that of Pay per Click or Affiliate Marketing Campaigns. If you have a good SEO consultant, it is also quite easy to implement on your site, asrepparttar 136700 consultant will work with your existing site to improve its SEO friendliness.

The two major areas of search marketing are SEO and PPC, with Affiliate Marketing swiftly catching up torepparttar 136701 former. Both PPC and SEO are equally important to ensure healthy and larger target market coverage.

Where PPC does not reachrepparttar 136702 intended market, SEO will…and vice versa, thereby increasing ROI two-fold. If you intend on making use of a PPC strategy for your website, be sure to includerepparttar 136703 services of a Web Analytics consultant. He or she will ensure that your dollars are not spent in vain on your PPC campaign and that you will benefit from good returns.

Togetherrepparttar 136704 SEO and Web Analyser make a powerful team.

The next step.

Contact a well informed SEO consultant to assist your site in achieving optimum exposure onrepparttar 136705 web. Be sure to obtain a list of their recommended changes prior to implementation. If they refuse to disclose their methods, it is safe to assume that their methods may be somewhat less than ethical.

Be sure to request reports on your site’s improvement, keeping in mind that SEO is not a quick fix and may take up to three months to seerepparttar 136706 desired results.

There is no doubt that optimizing your website will make a vast difference to your overall ROI. By optimizing your site it will benefit from increased exposure onrepparttar 136707 search engines and thereby increased traffic leading on to your site.

Christine Stander is a professional search engine optimisation and online marketing strategist with experience in many facets of search marketing, user behaviour analysis and brand management.

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