Five Things TO do When Starting a Home Business

Written by Tammy Henderson

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4. Decide when your hours will be. Now I know that having a home business means that you have flexible hours but Iím talking about a quitting time. Decide what it will be and stick with it. You will be happier, your family will be happier and you wonít have to hear ďAre you still onrepparttar computer?Ē Most professional people will understand if you donít reply to them at 8:00 at night. Oh, and donít check your e-mail before you go to bed!! Itís never as simple as that.

5. Believe in yourself. How long have you wanted to work at home? How long have you dreamed of owning your own business? You trust yourself, right? Apply yourself, learn, listen to your heart. Put forthrepparttar 117834 effort and commitment it takes to succeed. Avoidrepparttar 117835 ďwhat ifĒís, regrets and disappointments that come with passing up on your dreams and goals. Go for it!!

I have been online since February, 2001, learning marketing and sales techniques and love to pass on any info that might help others. Currently, I'm having great marketing success with 10 Minutes A Day Marketing plan

"Blood, Sweat and Tears!!"

Written by Jane Fulton

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Now I had to start all over, after months of working and struggling to build that web site justrepparttar way I wanted it.

I had heard so many good things about Front Page 2000, but couldn't see investing $150 forrepparttar 117833 software, when I had already paid $99 forrepparttar 117834 software I was using. This time I knew I was on my own. No way could I afford another three hour phone call ! I thought about it for a few days.

I read about netscape in an ezine. I thought, 'jane, how could you be so dumb?' ! You can use netscape to build your website ! That was a joke! I have to compare Netscape torepparttar 117835 directions for putting together an item you just purchased. How many times have I bought something that I had to put together ! The directions are so 'easy', aren't they? You will be lucky if they printed outrepparttar 117836 full directions. There are always 'fading' letters, I call them, which leaves you trying to figure out what those letters are so that you can putrepparttar 117837 item together.

Let's not even discussrepparttar 117838 wizards ! As far as a newbie is concerned, they might as well not be there! I didn't talk their language and they didn't talk mine!

That didn't work. either ! What to do............... ........... Well, I decided to go ahead and purchase Front Page 2000. Months before, I had purchased Terry Dean's Busn. 2000 package, which contained a video on how to use Front Page 2000 to build your web pages. I have to say that I have found Front Page 2000 to berepparttar 117839 easiest piece of software I have used, once I got to know my way around it. Betweenrepparttar 117840 video andrepparttar 117841 software, I managed to get my website up and running. When I didrepparttar 117842 feedback forms for my site, I would watchrepparttar 117843 video, pause it, work withrepparttar 117844 forms, back torepparttar 117845 video getrepparttar 117846 picture. Anyway, I DID IT!! It was time for me to upload my pages to my host's server. With Front Page, this was a snap. Just click on publish web and it was off and running. Once I gotrepparttar 117847 pages published, I couldn't wait to view my website! I typed my URL intorepparttar 117848 browser and waited. Error page. I got an error page! What happened? I uploadedrepparttar 117849 pages. Where were they? I immediately emailed my sponsor. I told him that I had uploaded my pages, but they weren't there! He emailed me back, all calm and cool, and told me to go into my control panel and uploadrepparttar 117850 index.htm. I did this, although I was highly skeptical. I just knew that I was going to have to begin all over again! But, guess what, It worked!! I finally had my website up! All I could do was look at it and cry!! I actually DID IT!!! (with a little help from my friends).

I wrote this story about how I got my website up to encourage all of you out there that are struggling with whatever:

1) NEVER give up!! 2) Read ezines--they help!! 3) Ask for help. There are people out there that are willing to help you. 4) YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

I still have a lot to learn aboutrepparttar 117851 world wide web, but I am willing to learn and it will come in time, when I'm ready to receive it. One thing I am learning is patience. Patience has never been one of my strengths, but it's becoming one dealing withrepparttar 117852 web. I am meeting a lot of great people and doing something that I love to do alongrepparttar 117853 way. The lasting friendships, doing something I enjoy and yes, evenrepparttar 117854 failures and triumphs of learning are all worthrepparttar 117855 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'

Jane Fulton is owner and webmistress of: janes-place is dedicated to helping newbies. If you are new to the internet, you need to sign-up for Newbie & Affiliate SOS Newsletter and learn to use your computer like a pro!

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