Five Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business!

Written by Dan Snow

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3. Get outa there! Particularly if you work from home, it's so important to just simply TAKE A BREAK. Turn offrepparttar computer, hang uprepparttar 117970 phone, shut downrepparttar 117971 fax machine and get outa there! Go for a walk, petrepparttar 117972 dog, find a baby to play with... do ANYTHING that's completely different than having your nose torepparttar 117973 grindstone!

It sounds trite, but a change really IS as good as a rest!

4. Do some innovative thinking. Brainstorm some new, creative ways to jump-start your sales. I remember reading somewhere about a guy that was trying really hard to get an appointment withrepparttar 117974 CEO of a big company and not having any luck. Finally, he bought a cheap pair of shoes, put ONE of them in a box and mailed it torepparttar 117975 CEO with a note that said 'Just trying to get a foot inrepparttar 117976 door.' He got his appointment - AND landedrepparttar 117977 account.

5. Spend some time with someone who loves you 'no matter what.' I know, that sounds pretty 'un-businesslike,' doesn't it? But what better way to reassure yourself that you can't take it personally, and that YOU'RE okay, even if business really stinks right now!

I've tried all of these methods, and every one of them has been successful - after all, I'm still in business!

Dan Snow stays pretty motivated in his Internet marketing business, which you can find out more about at - Visit his site or email him at and let him know what YOU did to stay motivated!

How To Have A Whole Team Building Your Business...Even When You're A Sole Proprietor!

Written by Philip Benjamin

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Another team member that's vitally important is your mentor - and some of us are lucky enough to have more than one. If you don't already have a mentor, I highly recommend finding one - there's nothing likerepparttar voice of experience to see you through a start-up or growth phase, or evenrepparttar 117969 introduction of new products or services.

Employees, if you have them, are key members of your team. Don't ever forget that if you need them, then you couldn't be building your business without them!

Then there's your friends and family members, who most certainly make up a part of your team - sometimesrepparttar 117970 most important part. These arerepparttar 117971 people who, although they may not know your business like you do, know YOU better than anyone. That means they'll know when you need support and encouragement, or when you need a big pat onrepparttar 117972 back for a job well done.

Finally,repparttar 117973 most important people on your team are your customers or clients. Yes, that's what I said - who else can give you immediate and honest feedback about your service or product and your customer service skills? See them as part ofrepparttar 117974 team that's helping you build your business, and you can't go wrong!

Together, ALL ofrepparttar 117975 people on your team can make your business successful.

Philip Benjamin knows a lot about working with a team to build a successful business. Learn more about that by checking out Philip's website at

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