Five Steps to Protecting Your Music and Your Money

Written by Jeromie Frost

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4. Promote yourself tirelessly

Artists have been discovered a number of different ways. Every band has a different story. Use every media avenue you can to expose yourself nationally. Unless you live in L.A., New York, or Atlanta, local exposure isnít going to be enough. Think big with your music!

5. When offers are made, research them well before committing

Donít takerepparttar first offer made to you, only unless itís a major record label and you researched what they offer very well. Signing bonuses are nice, but long term percentages are most important. Every artist gets a different percent with their label. The longer you have been inrepparttar 105707 business,repparttar 105708 better your percents will get. Donít get too greedy. Aim high and let them work you down. Twenty-five percent onrepparttar 105709 total profits on you album is very high. Most bands donít get that. Remember,repparttar 105710 suits and ties arerepparttar 105711 ones who makerepparttar 105712 big money. Without them, you are just selling CDís out ofrepparttar 105713 back of your trunk. If you donít write your music, your percentages wonít be near twenty-five percent. Singer/songwriters make more money.

Good luck as you venture intorepparttar 105714 formidable music industry. There are several independent labels that are legit, but there are thousands of them that arenít. Be careful and try to follow these steps listed above. I hope you can gain good fortune using these five steps.

Jeromie Frost is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. His story and music can be accessed at

Don't Forget About Offline Advertising

Written by Adrian Kennelly

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-Set up a deal with another business that targets internet users. Payrepparttar business to insert your business ads in their product packages.

-Hold a free offline class and teach people how to use their computer or how to userepparttar 105706 internet. You could have your web site on display as an example.

-Do co-op mailings with other businesses. They should also be targeting people with internet access.

-Give away free mouse pads. Put your advertising onrepparttar 105707 mouse pads and give them away at computer or internet events.

-Advertise in card decks. The card deck you advertise in should be targeted toward internet users.

You would also want to target your offline advertising to groups of people that will actually be interested in your product or service. If you're selling business books, you will want to market to business owners. In conclusion, if you have a business that's only based online, you don't want to market to people that don't have access torepparttar 105708 internet.

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