Five Steps to Better Employee Management

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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Step #4 – Perform Periodic Employee Evaluations

Employee evaluations or performance reviews tend to be more important torepparttar employee than they are torepparttar 119464 employer. Employees want to know how they are doing and when they’ll be eligible for a pay increase. There are so many reasons why it’s important to complete employee reviews, including legal ones. An employee review is one ofrepparttar 119465 few things you have, in writing and signed by employee and employer, that clearly describes an employee’s performance onrepparttar 119466 job. Should you ever need to let repparttar 119467 employee go or take other action, you’ll have this documentation to back up your decision.

Step #5 – Keep a Safe Work Environment

Sure you need to keep your fire exits clearly marked and free of clutter. But there are Federal and state laws with which you must comply covering everything fromrepparttar 119468 storage of hazardous chemicals torepparttar 119469 posting of bulletins in common areas where employees congregate. Comply with these regulations before you end up onrepparttar 119470 losing side of a lawsuit.

Properly implementing these five steps seems like a lot of work especially when you have little spare time. One way you can manage your employees and still have time to do all your other tasks is to purchase software that has been designed to help manage employees. Spendingrepparttar 119471 time and money to better manage your employees now will keep you from spending even more time and money later on, after you’ve been hit with an employee-related lawsuit!

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Improving electrical distribution reliability and cost

Written by Jose Sanchez

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Results Operations and maintenance expenditures inrepparttar distribution area were reduced by 34% from 1992 through 1996 in terms of cost per kWh. Capital expenditures were reduced by 32% duringrepparttar 119463 same time frame. Overall reliability degraded slightly during this time frame. While reliability was slightly worse, overall customer satisfaction with reliability improved by 9%. This seems counterintuitive however,repparttar 119464 focus on eliminating extreme reliability problems actually shifted customer satisfaction. In terms of price per kWhrepparttar 119465 company improved from one ofrepparttar 119466 high price energy producers inrepparttar 119467 region to one ofrepparttar 119468 lowest.

Recommendations The approach this organization has taken to reduce operating expenses while improving reliability forrepparttar 119469 most significant customers, is a real success story. It is not unique however and with commitment onrepparttar 119470 part of any electric utility, is replicable. The following were some ofrepparttar 119471 recommendations to embark on this approach to improve reliability and competitive position: The initial step is to assessrepparttar 119472 organizations relative position with its natural competitors, and develop a sound strategic plan to improve operations and reliability while reducing costs. Determine customer requirements for all segments and understand their reliability expectations using QFD techniques. Develop strategies to address significant reliability problems and focus improvement onrepparttar 119473 most important customers. Benchmark with best in class companies to understandrepparttar 119474 basis for their performance and analyze their processes for improvement ideas Be prepared to changerepparttar 119475 management structure ofrepparttar 119476 business unit based onrepparttar 119477 most effective way to achieve customer satisfaction and low cost. This will involve downsizing or elimination unproductive work processes, flattening management layers, and realigning functions to get closer torepparttar 119478 customer and provide seamless service delivery. Manage customer relationships based on a sincere commitment to meet their requirements. Develop sound statistical measures of customer satisfaction and initiate actions to reduce and eliminate dissatisfaction.

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