Five Snake Care Tips for Beginners

Written by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.

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3.Do find out how docile that particular specimen is. Most non-venomous North American snakes are fairly docile, but if you’re a first-time keeper, you should probably make sure that your prospective pet can be handled easily. 4.Make sure that you select a pet with a hearty appetite. Ball pythons, for example, make great pets—but they are notoriously finicky eaters. Corn snakes make great starter pets because they are exceedingly docile and aren’t picky about what they eat. 5.Snakes—indeed, any reptile—can potentially spread salmonella. The risk involved is very small, but one should still play safe. This is especially true when young children or people with compromised immune systems are involved. Do read up on reptile hygiene and salmonella before purchasing your pet. Obviously, these tips only constitute some basic advice. I recommend that all prospective owners should read up on snake care in general, as well asrepparttar specific needs ofrepparttar 125846 species that they plan to purchase. A little bit of basic research can prevent a great deal of aggravation inrepparttar 125847 future.

V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D. is a senior electrical and software engineer at Cellular Technology Ltd, a provider of ELISPOT assay services and ELISPOT expertise).

Things You should never feed your Dog

Written by A.M. Wilmont

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Some mushrooms, for example, can produce abdominal pain, liver andd kidney damage and amenia. So be aware of wild mushrooms when you are out walking your dog in wooded areas. Garlic may seem benign but can cause vomiting, liver damage, anemia and diarrhea so do not give your pet baby food since it can contain garlic. Anti-freeze can shut down your dog's kidney and they tend to loverepparttar taste. Miscletoe can cause vomiting, abdominal pain and depression. Onions can causeliver damage, anemia and diarrhea. Onion can also sometimes be found in baby food. Cats are actually somewhat more sensitive to this one so keep out ofrepparttar 125845 reach of both. Coffee, like cocoa, is especially dangerous, and may cause heart rate increase, diarrhea, seizures, coma, death. Caffeine just does not haverepparttar 125846 same effect in dogs. When outside be careful around apple and cherry trees. Whilerepparttar 125847 fruit is safe,repparttar 125848 leaves and roots are not. And be very careful about Moth Balls. it's primary chemical naphthalene is extremely toxic to dogs and can result in tremors and seizures.
Concerning dog food, you should be looking for dyes and other chemicals, according to Dr. Jane BHA, for instance, which is one ofrepparttar 125849 main synthetic antioxidant preservatives used to prevent food discoloration, has been observed to cause cancer in laboratory rats at certain doses. Small doses are as yet unclear but since dog food is eaten every day caution is advised. Many conventional dog food brands have large quantities of sodium to make them palatable, and this can be quite harmful to a dog. Other ingredients to wary of are dairy, by-products, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. For more information go to Dog Food Nutrition from Life's Abundance

Aaron Wilmont is an author and researcher in the fields of human and pet health. For more info. go to Dog Supplements and Vitamins from Life's Abundance

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