Five Simple Steps To Get the Best Pictures For Your eBay Auctions.

Written by Jason James

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3. The backdrop color should berepparttar opposite of your item color. Example: If you had an antique dollar that was mostly white, you would want to use a dark backdrop to bring outrepparttar 150670 details of your dollar.

4. Providing multiple photos of your auction item will normally bring higher dollar bids.

5. Taking photos of any product numbers, brands or labels on your items will also increaserepparttar 150671 value of your bids.

It is well documented that there have been many high profile eBay auctions in whichrepparttar 150672 seller had a very poor description ofrepparttar 150673 item he was listing. He also had no idea ofrepparttar 150674 value; but he was able to provide several high quality photos ofrepparttar 150675 items at different angles and he was able to receive bids in excess of several thousand dollars!

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6 Tips For Avoiding Work From Home Scams

Written by Jordan Williams

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4) Do they offer a real product?

Do they offer a real product with real value? Most business opportunities that are scams wonít even talk about a product or all they offer is a bunch of ebooks or other worthless products. If they are a legitimate company then you should be able to make money by selling their product or service. Ifrepparttar only way to make money is by recruiting other people to join then this is a sure sign of a scam.

5) What are other people saying about it?

It is always good to knowrepparttar 150642 experiences that other people have had withrepparttar 150643 business opportunity that you are researching. You can take a look at forums where people talk about their experiences with home based businesses to get a good feel of a company. You can find some forums by searching for mlm forums, work at home forums, or home based business forums on Google.

Itís also a good idea to get some referrals fromrepparttar 150644 company itself. When you call or email them, ask them for some contact information of other members. That way you can get in touch with these members and see how itís working out for them.

Another good resource to check isrepparttar 150645 ďWork-at-Home Sourcebook" by Lynie Arden which has more than 1,000 home business and franchise opportunities, complete with realistic descriptions of whatrepparttar 150646 work entails, how much it pays, up front costs, projected incomes, and addresses and phone numbers to facilitate contacting specific companies.

6) Do they make outrageous promises?

Starting a home-based business is just like starting any other kind of business. It requires time, effort, and money. Be wary of any company promising you big money with little or no effort involved.

There are literally millions of people making a living by working from home and itís possible for you to be one of them. Just remember to use these 6 tips to find a legitimate work at home opportunity.

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