Five Secrets to Gaining Credibility with Your Team for Outstanding Results

Written by Ed Sykes

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Remember, your employees are always doing something well. Make sure you come from a positive position of improvement when giving feedback. Let your employees know that you appreciate their efforts andrepparttar difference they make each day.

Also make it “safe” for employees to give you feedback. Let them know that no one is perfect (I know we think we are) and that you value their feedback to makerepparttar 119495 work environment a “win-win” situation for all involved. Teach your employees how to give feedback, both positive and constructive. Remember, as a leader, you are constantly developing your employees forrepparttar 119496 next level. 5. Ask for Employee Solutions People go to work to succeed, not fail. Employees also go to work because they want to make a difference at their job. One ofrepparttar 119497 best ways for employees to feel they are making a difference is to involve them inrepparttar 119498 solution creation process.

Make asking for solutions from your employees an ongoing process. Whether during staff meetings, one-on-one sessions, etc., make it safe for employees to develop their own solutions. If givenrepparttar 119499 opportunity, your employees will come up with solutions that are innovative, proactive, and in some cases better than any solution we can ever develop.

To motivate your employees to create solutions, you must dorepparttar 119500 following:

* Give them credit forrepparttar 119501 solutions * Create reward systems for solutions * Make it easy for them to communicate solutions * Massage solutions for positive results

Very importantly, if employees share a solution with you, please, please, please, give them feedback ASAP. You will lose employee credibility if they think you don’t care or are taking credit for their ideas.

Apply these techniques now and you will gain credibility and increase productivity with your employees while developing a high performance environment that achieves outstanding results.

Source: Towers Perrin, Enhancing Corporate Credibility-Is It Time to Takerepparttar 119502 “Spin” Out of Employee Communication? January, 2004

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Do You Inspire or Incinerate?

Written by Robert E. Cannon

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Recognition. All to frequently managers takerepparttar good things in stride as if they deserved success rather than appreciating each and every step alongrepparttar 119494 way. These arerepparttar 119495 same people who are too busy to stop and say thank you for a job well done. Sadly, their actions send a message to all around them that what ever they did to help achieve this success was not as important asrepparttar 119496 “problem” they are addressing now. Lighten up. If you really want to foster a positive attitude, “Thank you” isrepparttar 119497 least you should do. If you really want to foster a positive attitude and enhance productivity, then recognize people and their talents even before you involve them in an assignment. People tend to rise to your expectations. If you don’t have any expectations of they are low,repparttar 119498 output you get will probably match your expectation. Recognition atrepparttar 119499 conclusion of a successful project is equally important. People love success and they love recognition for their efforts. They want to savor it andrepparttar 119500 more success and recognition they get,repparttar 119501 more they want. Why would any manager in his right mind not want to developrepparttar 119502 same desire in his employees? Celebrate every success and fosterrepparttar 119503 right attitude forrepparttar 119504 next success. Most managers hire for positive attitude in an effort to develop an outstanding performer and enhancerepparttar 119505 success of their endeavor. Very few, however, are willing to devoterepparttar 119506 time and effort it takes to really follow through in a positive way to foster positive attitudes and createrepparttar 119507 right environment for success. If results are important and attitude is important, then we need to takerepparttar 119508 time to do it right.

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