Five Reasons To Journal

Written by Lael Johnson

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ENCOURAGES EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION: When an artistsí emotions are triggered, writing in a journal provides space to contain and diffuse strong emotions. †After processing those emotionsrepparttar perspective ofrepparttar 144130 artist is restored,repparttar 144131 situation becomes more clear, and life in general, returns to more balanced place.†

RAISES EMOTIONAL AWARENESS: Emotional expression increases emotional awareness in artists. Some artists become overwhelmed with their feelings, using journaling as a safe place for emotional expression. Other artists canít access some of their emotions. Journaling through their emotions becomes a time of discovery and positive change. Restoring balance to an artistís life is one ofrepparttar 144132 best results of journaling.

PROVIDES A WRITTEN RECORD:† Journaling throughrepparttar 144133 creative process provides a written record ofrepparttar 144134 negative and positive aspects ofrepparttar 144135 process.† The artist gains a broader perspective of their work. Artistsí †rereading success stories, reviewing past plans to create better plans forrepparttar 144136 next project.

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The One Important Secret of Making More Money Easily.

Written by Patric Chan

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Some of rich are consciously using it, some are using leverage unconsciously.

Let's look at multi level marketing leaders. They 'leverage' on their downlines to make them more money and work less

themselves. Of course, you can debate all you want about mlm industry butrepparttar power behind a successful mlm company and it's distributors/business owners is by leveraging onrepparttar 144129 strength of duplication.

How about Fortune 500 companies? Do they use leverage?

You bet.

Nike, Dell, StarBucks and all those companies leverage on their staff to make more money.

One ofrepparttar 144130 best example of leverage is inrepparttar 144131 franchising business. Imagine, Ray Krocrepparttar 144132 owner of McDonald's franchise business.

He don't has to 'work' because he has hundreds (or thousands!) of franchised McDonald's restaurant acrossrepparttar 144133 globe that is paying him franchise fees annually.

Here's another example.

I userepparttar 144134 internet as leverage for getting my product to sell to a mass market overseas.

The tip here to make more money is to understand and learn how to use leverage so that it creates a win/win situation for everyone.

If you don't leverage, you'll be trading your time for money. This way, you'll be worn out fast and your output is equivalent to your input. That's not really impressive if you want to make more money easily. Look around you. See what you can leverage on in your business or job.

Warmest regards,

Patric Chan

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