Five Ready Signs To Start Potty Training

Written by Janice Caller

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4. Shows an Interest inrepparttar Bathroom or Toilet

This isrepparttar 146406 big koruna of all ready signs. The big earthquake so to speak. If your child is curious aboutrepparttar 146407 bathroom or toilet, then heís ready to learn how to use it. Is he curious about how it flushes? Well, thatís because he wants to know how that giant white chair works. Why does it make that sound? Itís a noise like no other. Heís not being bad when you have to drag him out ofrepparttar 146408 toilet. He wants to know whatrepparttar 146409 toilet is. He wants to know how it works. He is ready, ready, and ready for potty training.

5. Stays Dry Overnight & During Naps

This is a hard readiness sign to understand. If you child staying dry overnights and at naptime that isrepparttar 146410 sign that he is ready for potty training. In any event, your child is ready if he displays this sign.

Now, does your child exhibit any two of these ready signs? If so, then get ready to do your potty training. You will never know those signs if you are not pay attention to their reaction.

Janice Caller, author of "A Parent's Guide to Toddling, From Diapers to the Pot." She successfully potty trained her four children. Visit her Website at

Texas Family Law Ė Child Support

Written by T.Going

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If either party wants to adjust their obligation to this child support, they must petitionrepparttar court for a reexamination ofrepparttar 146295 situation and provide proof ofrepparttar 146296 changes torepparttar 146297 circumstances. This process of dealing withrepparttar 146298 courts can be long and confusing withoutrepparttar 146299 proper legal help. In addition this process is also taxing both emotionally and financially while not always providingrepparttar 146300 desired outcome. In this situation it is in oneís best interest to be consulted by an experienced family lawyer. An experienced family lawyer will significantly increaserepparttar 146301 chances ofrepparttar 146302 decision going in your favor. Your child is worth it.

For more information on Texas family law, please visit . This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box is included and all links stay intact as hyperlinks.

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