Five Point Plan for Promotion

Written by Pamela Heywood

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1. Build subscribers to your newsletter and keep sending them back to your site for something; offers, content, freebies. These will be your best customers: your best sales force. Concentrate on building rapport with them and above all make it real easy for them to recommend your site. Consider and give them an incentive for doing so.

2. Submit to search engines once a month. Your daily chore is to ensure that your site is fresh, your META tags in place, your links live, etc. I recommend You can use it for FREE or pay a small amount to have your details kept inrepparttar system to simplify repeat submissions. You will find allrepparttar 125183 information and guidance you'll ever need right there and this service works. You get listed.

3. Concentrate on getting reciprocal links with other sites which are similar to and complimentary to yours. There are specialist directories for finding people who want to swap links, try or userepparttar 125184 search engines and find out who is linked to your competitors. Write and propose swaps torepparttar 125185 webmasters. You'll get as much, if not more, targeted traffic from these links than you will fromrepparttar 125186 search engines, plus having links back to your site will improve your ranking onrepparttar 125187 latter because ofrepparttar 125188 wayrepparttar 125189 link-popularity algorithms work. Make sure those who link to you are listed onrepparttar 125190 search engines. Do it for them if they are not.

4. Once a day, submit classifieds ads, promotion to lists and newsgroups (only where appropriate).

5. Repeat steps 1-4 incessantly.

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The Absolute Best Way to Promote Your Site For Free

Written by Patrick Anderson

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Let them know that your marketing research suggests that your customers would be willing buyers of THEIR products - and their customers could benefit fromrepparttar things you provide. Ask them if there is anything specific they would like you to mention about their website, and offer to write something really nice about them when you add their link.

Do you think anyone will flame you for doing this? Wonít they look at your site? Hasnít everyone heard about how important it is to exchange links onrepparttar 125182 Internet? But donít misunderstand, this is not a trick or ploy, you must truly feel that you can provide some mutual benefit to each other.

The sure-fire way to make this even more effective is to add a link to them yourself. Do this first, before you contact them. Say something wonderful and glowing, give them a tremendous endorsement, mentionrepparttar 125183 things on their website that you liked, encourage your visitors to take a look at their site.

Will people click immediately on your site when they hear that you have added a link to their website? Will they look for their link? Will they beam when they read what you said about them? Will they tell other people about your website? Will they add a link to their page cross-promoting you? Will they be open to discussing joint-ventures and other cross-marketing opportunities? You bet! In fact they will do anything you suggest that is easy for them to do.

Follow-up with people after you have placed their link. Do they see some value in furtheringrepparttar 125184 relationship? Would they like to be placed on top of your list? What can they do for you that would make you want to promote them even more? Askrepparttar 125185 question . . . youíll be very pleased with repparttar 125186 answers!

Patrick Anderson is the founder of Active Marketplace and author of "Right On The Money", from which this article is excerpted. You can find out more about the book at

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