Five Phrases to Avoid during Your Next Sales Presentation

Written by Charlotte Purvis

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“We never make a mistake.” You might not say it that bluntly but you might imply it with your praises, your promises, and your passion. Onrepparttar other hand, you don’t want to dwell onrepparttar 127331 mistakes you and your company have made. If they ask you about reliability of your product, tellrepparttar 127332 truth. Focus on what you do to make things right when things go wrong, your clients’ comments about your recovery strategies, and your commitment to excellence. Every organization has challenges. It is how you respond to those challenges and your customers’ concerns that can help you stand apart in your industry.

“We’ve just always done it that way.” So they’re asking for something you’ve never tried before. Just because you haven’t tried it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Isn’t it true that many ofrepparttar 127333 best ideas come from customers and clients? Probe for more of their ideas. Tell them about something else you currently do that was first done to meet another client’s needs. Most of all, thank them for their creative ideas and suggestions. When your organization decides that this really is a good idea, send them something special. If their idea is something you can’t implement, then still help them find a reasonable solution. After all, you are there to listen, learn, and help them find solutions.

Charlotte Purvis is an award-winning communications coach, based in Durham, North Carolina. For over 16 years, she has been a coach to salespeople and other professionals as they prepare for upcoming presentations in person, via teleconference, and on the telephone. Charlotte “meets” and coaches most of her clients by telephone, conference call, and videoconference. 4201 University Drive PMB535.

Don't Count Your Chickens Before Your Eggs Hatch

Written by Shelly Rich Friedling

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Don't neglect outside opportunities: pass out business cards, make specialized auto tags, magnets, pencils, feather caps, whatever might be appropriate for YOUR type business; join organizations, talk to people atrepparttar grocery store checkout or your child's ballgame, conduct a local class or volunteer to present a free seminar atrepparttar 127330 communicty center...Use Your Imagination! How many IPAs a day? Just depends on how much you want back.

It's important to cater to your present customer now too; you want to retain them. Remember THEY are your most valuable asset-they ARE buyers, and know others!

I like to do my KGA (Keep it Going Activities) right after a major accomplishment; trying out new software to see how I might improve efficiency or presentation, revising/editing website content, reviewing data, implementing plans to improve those places which are lacking or deficient, updating keywords...this is sort of my 'round tuit' list! These activities primarily are forrepparttar 127331 benefit of current customers.

After all, a bird inrepparttar 127332 hand is worth two inrepparttar 127333 bush.

(c) Shelly Rich Friedling

Shelly Rich Friedling, a long time entrepreneur, is currently acting as Editor/Publisher of Success*Strategies, an ezine for creative sales and marketing strategies.

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