Five Myths and Five Tips for Breaking Into a Career as a Fashion Designer

Written by Jennie S. Bev,

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Myth Four: I cannot draw or sew. Reality: Nobody can atrepparttar beginning. Strong motivation and perseverance are more important than how well you can draw or sew. Such skills can be learned easily (including using some free resources).

Myth Five: I don't feel comfortable working in a high-profile industry. Reality: Well, this glamorous image is no more thanrepparttar 117141 most over-rated trait ofrepparttar 117142 fashion industry. This image is created byrepparttar 117143 media withrepparttar 117144 help of fashion publicists and marketers to boost sales. Thus,repparttar 117145 purpose is pure business. The betterrepparttar 117146 coverage,repparttar 117147 betterrepparttar 117148 sales will be. Fashion designers work very hard for 18 to 24 months to deliverrepparttar 117149 best designs ofrepparttar 117150 season.

Now you're ready to plunge into this often-misunderstood field, here are some tips:

First, a fashion designer is an artist and an entrepreneur in one. Why? Because if you design inrepparttar 117151 name of art without consideringrepparttar 117152 marketability, it's very likely you won't be successful. Many designers fail because of this.

Second, you can choose your design specializations from a long list of classifications. Trivial items, such as beach and leg wears, are highly profitable products and relatively easy to produce compared with haute couture pieces.

Third, understand what your career goal is. You can choose whether you want to work for others or for yourself. Whichever one your choice is, apprenticeship is always a great option for new designers.

Fourth, keep up withrepparttar 117153 industry trends and news. Travel and read a lot to be informed and inspired. New insights will keep your creative skills fresh and ready to roll.

Fifth, persevere. Perseverance isrepparttar 117154 most important virtue of all because without it, nothing can be completed. Perseverance is your ticket torepparttar 117155 peak of your career.[]

Jennie S. Bev is the editor-in-chief of, a publisher of fashion-related career guidebooks. She has published over 800 articles, ten books and been featured in Entrepreneur, San Franciso Chronicle and The Independent. She can also be found at

Unique Selling Proposition On Ebay

Written by Greg Hayes

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put fourth little effort by using stock photos and ad copy fromrepparttar B&F website, and therefore received little or no sales from their auctions. The sellers in this case might think that using stock photos makes their auctions look more professional. It's justrepparttar 117140 opposite. These auctions look very amateurish. Using a picture of someone modeling a garment will not entice people to bid on your auction. Using three or four high quality pictures ofrepparttar 117141 actual item along with a detailed description will entice people to bid. Remember that buying apparel offrepparttar 117142 internet is not like buying music CD's or software. You don't need to worry if a CD will fit. You don't need to see multiple pictures of a box of software to know what you'll be getting. However, when selling apparel, good quality pictures and a detailed description are vital. You should use a good quality digital camera to take pictures ofrepparttar 117143 item from different angles. If you're selling jackets or coats, include a picture ofrepparttar 117144 lining as well. In your description, don't just say it's a large size. Give measurements ofrepparttar 117145 garment including overall length, sleeve length and chest size. If you're going to specialize in apparel, it would be a good idea to purchase a form or clothing dummy to model your apparel. Doing these things will go a long way in setting you apart fromrepparttar 117146 competition and establishing a "unique selling proposition."

What ever you're thinking about selling, always look at your competition and think about how to set yourself apart. Remember that unless you're selling antiques on Ebay, there's always someone else who's trying to sellrepparttar 117147 same thing you're selling. Establishing your USP will put you onrepparttar 117148 road to Ebay success.

Greg Hayes is editor of Mammothprofits is the website devoted to helping others filter out the scams and become successful in an Internet home business

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