Five Most Common Mistaken Beliefs About Joint Venture Marketing

Written by Habiba Abubakar

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With a joint venture, you only pay for results. So, giving a percentage of your profits away has got to be better than flushingrepparttar money downrepparttar 145074 drainÖ because thatís what happens when you spend $300 on an ad that doesnít generate responses.

Mistaken Belief #4: That Joint Ventures Are Complicated

Of course there are complicated joint ventures, but there are so many simple and short-term joint ventures that a beginner can start with.

It only starts getting complicated when youíre looking at joint ventures likerepparttar 145075 one between Merrill Lynch and HSBC a few years ago. The two banks combined logos and actually had a service called Merrill Lynch HSBC, which had a building on Regents Street in London. That might have been profitable for Merrill Lynch and HSBC, but you donít have to do that if you donít haverepparttar 145076 tools or resources.

Any small business owner can do joint ventures that are a lot simpler. For example, you could host a seminar with your partner and both promote it to your client lists. Youíll both walk away with more clients and huge profits.

Mistaken Belief #5: That Joint Ventures Require A Lot Of Time And Effort.

Of course time and effort go intorepparttar 145077 preparation. However, joint venture marketing is one ofrepparttar 145078 very few strategies that donít take much effort or time to implement.

If youíre joint venturing with people that are in your network or people that can be introduced to you by someone in your network, thenrepparttar 145079 relationship-building process is shortened. This is because you and your joint venture partner already know, like and trust each other, or you have a mutual friend that introduced you to each other. For this reason, it can take as little as thirty days to execute your first joint venture.

Onrepparttar 145080 other hand, if youíre approaching a joint venture partner that is a cold contact,repparttar 145081 time youíre looking at isrepparttar 145082 relationship-building time. If you have great networking skills then you should be on your way in a few weeks or a few short months. It simply boils down to evaluating each otherís character and business.

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4 Sales Strategies with Your Trade Show Exhibition Booth

Written by Patty Stripes

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Should getting customers torepparttar event not possible, you should try using client references on your display material for maximum impact. You would of course need to get permission fromrepparttar 145057 clients to be able to put their names on torepparttar 145058 display materials.

Free coffee anyone? : Some sales personnel might feel that giving away complimentary food and drink at a trade show booth is a waste of good money. They may very well be right. However, if you have a good prospect in front of you,repparttar 145059 chances of stopping him a couple of minutes longer are increased withrepparttar 145060 opportunity of offering him a cup of steaming coffee.

Another strange thing that happens at stands offering complimentary food or drink is that there is usually some people standing aroundrepparttar 145061 booth making it look busy. You will be surprised how people get attracted by seeing a busy trade show booth. It has something to withrepparttar 145062 human perspective of being attracted to crowds but does work to your advantage in a busy trade show.

Focused communication: Various steps taken towards focused communication at a trade show booth can enhancerepparttar 145063 chances of on spot sales and generation of genuine sales enquiries. Though this is mentioned in detail in another article, printed hand outs should be of good quality and carry all information about your product or service in a cohesive fashion.

The fact that trade shows are effective can only be further confirmed by notingrepparttar 145064 increase inrepparttar 145065 number of trade shows inrepparttar 145066 past few years.

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