Five Key Fundamentals you need to know for a successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Written by Gregg Kell

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At some point, you’ll also want to grow your search engine marketing channel. Studies have shown that organic listings are chosen first by 70% ofrepparttar people viewing search results. That means you can sharply increase your search engine traffic by appearing inrepparttar 128228 organic results onrepparttar 128229 first page of Google and Yahoo.


It’s important to measure how much business is being generated (ROI) byrepparttar 128230 marketing dollars you are spending on your search engine marketing strategy.

Do rising bid prices scare you away from search engine marketing? They shouldn't if you know which of your ads are winning customers and which are not. Measurement can tell you that and skilled split testing and maximizerepparttar 128231 conversion rate. Split testing is a key value-add provided by professional Search Engine Optimization Professionals.


Search engine campaigns are easy to set up and for that reason easy to neglect. You must monitor your campaigns regularly becauserepparttar 128232 search engines often introduce new features that can help you market your on-line business. If you neglect your campaign, even for a short while, you might find that you've dropped out of sight. An ongoing relationship with Search Engine Optimization Professionals can reduce this risk.


Don‘t be afraid to “tinker” withrepparttar 128233 creative part of your search engine marketing strategy. Sometimes a small word or text change can double or even triple your click-through rate or conversion rate.

Try it, just to see what happens. It won't ruin your budget and might just put you atrepparttar 128234 top of your game.

In conclusion,repparttar 128235 Internet isrepparttar 128236 most cost effective marketing opportunity ever. By mastering these five fundamental elements to search engine marketing you can be amongrepparttar 128237 top performing websites in your industry.

Gregg Kell is President of Kell Solutions a website design firm and search engine optimization firm based in Laguna Niguel, CA

Search Engine Metrics… Organic Search vs. Paid Placement

Written by Lawrence Deon

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Now with these facts in mind I’m confident you can clearly see what a top 10-search engine ranking can mean for your bottom line. Although it does leave a question unanswered in my mind, what has a higher ROI… organic search engine optimization or paid search?

According to SEMPO’s key analysis,repparttar U.S. & Canadian SEM Industry Size Estimate by tactic in 2004, organic SEO accounted for 12% ofrepparttar 128227 market share or $492,057,200 while Paid Placement accounted for $3,341,878,176 or 81.8%.

Interestingly, 9 out of 10 respondents are actively engaged in organic SEM marketing programs accounting for 89% ofrepparttar 128228 respondent advertisers. This trend can be contributed torepparttar 128229 average cost of popular keywords continuing to escalate.

Ifrepparttar 128230 escalation continues to rise it could make paid search engine advertising exponentially cost prohibitive for all butrepparttar 128231 largest advertisers…repparttar 128232 900lb gorillas!

Simply put, ROI is outpacing inflation: SEMPO’s key analysis indicates advertisers could afford to pay on average 33% more for their keywords and remain profitable, while they say prices have gone up 26% on average inrepparttar 128233 last 12 months. That’s leaves a 7% advertising margin to maintain current profits for 2005!

SEMPO’s data also noted that advertisers will get smarter about managing their paid placement programs before they cut back on spending.

This is also consistent with a report released by Nielsen/NetRatings indicating thatrepparttar 128234 growing demand for search engine advertising is outstrippingrepparttar 128235 supply of currently available advertising space.

These findings seem to indicaterepparttar 128236 inventory of keywords is approaching a critical demand problem however; most advertisers felt they still have some degree of price flexibility in their paid placement programs before they will reachrepparttar 128237 threshold of diminishing returns.

Is there any wonder why organic search engine positioning has gained popularity for online marketers in 2004? Could it be higher (ROI) return on investments?

SEMPO also cites that 43% of advertiser respondents have shifted their budgets away from other marketing programs for Organic SEO.

So what does it all mean? Letrepparttar 128238 numbers speak for themselves.

Organic SEO is undeniably gaining favor overrepparttar 128239 lower ROI paid advertising. This is evidenced by virtue ofrepparttar 128240 fact that paid advertising is becoming less profitable.

Although paid advertising will continue to hold a large portion ofrepparttar 128241 market share, as paid advertising returns diminish and keyword costs soar my early 2005 forecast is forrepparttar 128242 materialization of a progressive organic SEO market trend to facilitaterepparttar 128243 need for advertising space.

Lawrence Deon is an SEO/SEM Consultant and author of the popular search engine optimization and marketing model Ranking Your Way To The Bank.

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