Five FAQ about Google PageRank

Written by Patrick Carlow

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4. How do I increase my PageRank?

Again, PageRank can be increased byrepparttar number of incoming links to your website from other sites onrepparttar 128300 Internet. In addition, it requires anywhere from five to seven times more to get from one level of PageRank torepparttar 128301 next.

So for example, (and this is not a true formula) if 100 PageRank 3 sites with a link to your page give you a PageRank of 4, then it would take around 500 more PageRank 3 sites to link to you before you became PageRank 5. However if you had 1 link from a PageRank 8 site, that might be enough to give a higher PageRank all by its self. It's really all relative and trying to figure it out will simply drive you mad, so don't bother. :) The best thing you can do is obtain as many quality incoming links from other sites with similar content as you possible can.

Another important factor isrepparttar 128302 number of pages on your site. The more pages on your site,repparttar 128303 higher potential you have to gain in PageRank. More pages doesn't mean you will get a higher PageRank only that you won't hit a ceiling. Apparently Google has a cut off point somewhere onrepparttar 128304 highest PageRank it will give to sites with a low number of pages.

5. When will my PageRank be updated or change?

According torepparttar 128305 Google website, they updaterepparttar 128306 index about once a month. However if you spend any amount of time reading search engine forums, you will find that results vary for every webmaster. PageRank may not update or may change drastically for a long period of time which is often times unexplainable. Usually as long as you follow good web site optimization techniques and maintain enough quality incoming links,repparttar 128307 index will eventually assign your website PageRank and adjust any changes which may have been made in error.

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Maximize Your Frames For Ultimate Search Engine Performance!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Now that you have a specific frame selected, you'll want to look at all and only your pages that have all your text information within them. You will also want to pre-determine ONE "key Phrase" that best describes each page. Ex. If I had a page about "Affordable Web Design" called: "web-design.html", I will want to write that down somewhere and keep it handy forrepparttar next step.

Take a moment to go through all your information and write down a descriptive "key phrase" andrepparttar 128299 "URL" for each page of information within your site.

Are you done? Good, let's now add this list to your site...

Going back torepparttar 128300 "Frame" that you selected to work on, I want you to add each "Key Phrase" underneathrepparttar 128301 information that people will see. You can make it all a list of just bullet point, doesn't matter, no one will know it's there except you.

It may look something like this:

Affordable Web Design (linking to "web-design.html) Graphic Design (linking to "graphic-services.html) Print Ad Design (linking to "print-design.html)

Whatever you have within your site that has information, you want to add it torepparttar 128302 frame you selected to work on.

Don't forget to test out your frame within different screen sizes as well. Sometimes if you add these links in a frame right underrepparttar 128303 cut off point, someone else with a larger screen may start to see allrepparttar 128304 links you added. Make sure to add your link phrases far down enough so that your visitors don't accidentally stumble upon them.

Once your finished adding your info, upload your new page and wait for search engines to come back to your site and find your newly found infostructure.

Please remember that search engines are getting smarter and smarter byrepparttar 128305 update, utilizing spam tactics such as key word dumping and cloaking are frowned upon and can get you banned. This tactic in it's simplicity is a way to provide search engines a road map to all your crutial key phrases and information. This is in no way a method to trick search engines nor would I even endorse such a method.

Best Of Luck To Ya!

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