Five Checks for Web Pages

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Check your files. It's easy to upload a new HTML page, and forget to upload any additional graphics, leavingrepparttar visitor with a blank square. I find this especially easy when I'm just using an icon such as **New!** or **Free** - so I keep these in a directory on my site called **Common_Images** - that way, I know where they are, and don't need to upload them for every page I add.

Check in more than one browser. You probably have a favourite browser for surfingrepparttar 134793 web - but we're all different, and all roundrepparttar 134794 world people will be dismissing your choice as **terrible!** So check on your hit counter stats - which browsers are your visitors using? If you don't have room on your hard drive for more than one browser, use one ofrepparttar 134795 webmaster forums to ask for a check from different browser users. , , and all have a forum for this. You're expected to review other members sites in return.

Use these five checks every time you update your site, and you'll have less chance of losing your visitors through simple mistakes.

Dianne Reuby is author of the ebooks "Creating a Web Site with Free Software" and "Searching the Web". Dianne created and runs the Free Site Builder web site and ezine, dedicated to helping newbies create web sites with free tools and resources. Visit FSB at or email her at


Written by Gini Graham Scott

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If you have more then a few pages, get a Web creation program like Front Page. This will help you set up a system of hyperlinks and a navigation system, so you can better see what is linked to what on your Web site. Or userepparttar Web wizard available on many free sites. Finally, once you have your pages ready to upload,repparttar 134792 easiest method is using an FTP (or file transfer protocol) program - more technically called an FTP client. You can get these programs free, too. Some ofrepparttar 134793 most popular ones are WS-FTP or Cute FTP. Many Web hosts have these programs available, or go to one ofrepparttar 134794 software download sites, such as Then, download it to your desktop and double click to install it or run it from its download location. Once your FTP client is installed, click to open it up. Then, open up your files for your Web site on one side ofrepparttar 134795 FTP client (it's onrepparttar 134796 left inrepparttar 134797 WS-FTP client). Onrepparttar 134798 other side, type inrepparttar 134799 location ofrepparttar 134800 ftp site where you are putting your Web site (you will get this name from your server - for instance, Yahoo's geocities' FTP name is Finally, type in your ID name and password where indicated, highlightrepparttar 134801 files you want to transfer over, clickrepparttar 134802 indicator or arrow to do so. And voila - your Web pages are up on your Web site and you can view them in your browser. Afterwards, you can add new files or revise old ones and send them up, too. And later, when you're ready to move on, you can FTPrepparttar 134803 files for your Web site on your computer wherever you want - whether another free site or to your own domain.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. She is the director of CHANGEMAKERS, and a business and organizational consultant, speaker, and workshop-seminar leader, specializing in creativity, conflict resolution, and organizational behavior. Her own Web site is at She is also the co-founder of an international corporation with its Web site at

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