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Written by Tony Farrell

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Decide you goals. Be specific. Now you haverepparttar third key in place, even though you don't actually have it yet. But, it's in place in your mind.

Now, you have to decide what it is you must do to achieve those goals. This isrepparttar 137428 Do key. What is it that I must do, in order that I have whatever it is that I want? What should I do to achieve my goals?

Decide what you need to actually do. What exercises will offerrepparttar 137429 best results for my specific goals? How much of those exercises should I perform and how often?

This isrepparttar 137430 most important key. It'srepparttar 137431 key that most people leave out because they're too busy trying to decide what to do in order to have that goal they are aiming for.

The Be key.

Ever notice that when you get into something, that you're going great for weeks... then you give up?

For example:

Lots of people decide to go on a diet and begin a fitness program. They want so much to lose weight. The go at it hard. They are succeeding. No sooner have they lost a few pounds, then they lose interest. They stop and end up putting it back on.


Because they lackrepparttar 137432 Be key.

In other words, you must choose what you need to Become to begin taking action. What is it that is required you Be, in order to succeed?

For example:

If you lack focus. Then you need to become more focused. If you are lazy when it comes to taking action to get things done, then you need to become a person that takes action... even when you really don't feel like it.

That'srepparttar 137433 hardest part of success with your training. Not only in your muscle building and fitness regime, but also in ANYTHING you do throughout your life.

The Solution:

1. Decide what you want to have. What are your goals?

2. Decide whatrepparttar 137434 necessary steps are, that you must do to reach those goals.

3. Choose what you need to be. What do you need to become in order to do what is necessary to have what you want?

I think I've given you plenty to think about today. Please re-read this again, and again if necessary. You've really got to get this right so that you can succeed in anything you choose to do. So to achieve that muscle and fitness goal, make sure you read this again.

Tony Farrell provides valuable insight into the world of health, fitness and bodybuilding. Through his unique approach, he truly helps people to succeed and reach their goals. To subscribe to his ezine, just visit

Muscle and Fitness -- The First Key To Achieving Your Goals

Written by Tony Farrell

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8. Is there anything you'd like to add? If so, write it down. Any ideas that spring to mind, write those down too. If you're satisfied withrepparttar end result - great.

9. Now it's time to re-write those goals. So move to a new page on your note pad and give itrepparttar 137427 same name again -- 'Muscle and Fitness Goals Refined'. Then writerepparttar 137428 date just below that.

You need to shorten your goals so that they're specific and achievable by a certain time. Atrepparttar 137429 same time they must haverepparttar 137430 essence of what you want to have achieved byrepparttar 137431 end of your training program. For example:

If one of your goals is to have lost weight. Then word it so that it's specific, time limited and hasrepparttar 137432 essence of what you want to achieve. So you would write it like this:

"I am achieving a weight loss of 16lbs by March 5th, 2005."

Or --

"I am increasing my arm size to 16 inches by April 21, 2005."

Get what I mean?

10. Now that you have written your goals, again, I want you to get a card. Lets say 'Postcard' size. Again writerepparttar 137433 title: 'My Muscle and Fitness Goals' andrepparttar 137434 date of starting your program.

Now write those specific goals onto your card. These are now ready to be a part of your training routine. Every time you're about to commence your training, just read those goals aloud.

As you do, see yourself perform those exercises. Feel your muscle work, your heart pump and how great it is to be achieving your goals.

I have got you to write your goals three times. Did you notice that?


Because I want you to --

* Establish those goals in you heart and in your mind.

* To be passionate about those goals that mean so much to you.

* To feelrepparttar 137435 benefits, as if you already have achieved your goals

* To seerepparttar 137436 benefits, as if you already have achieved them.

To conclude, follow these ten steps. Be patient. Be focused. And believe that this will help, even if you are doubtful. Where most people fail, isrepparttar 137437 point where they think negatively. As soon as you begin this negative thought process, you have damaged your chance of success on that occassion. If this happens, correct it immediately and continue.

Muscle and Fitness isrepparttar 137438 'HAVE' key. There are stillrepparttar 137439 'BE' and 'DO' keys to go. But, that's for my next article. Make sure you read all related articles and you'll be well on your way to success in your Muscle and Fitness program.

Tony Farrell of provides valuable insight into the world of health, fitness and bodybuilding. Through his unique approach, he truly helps people to succeed and reach their goals. To subscribe to his ezine, just visit:

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