Fishing for Fortunes. Scam!

Written by Seamus Dolly.

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Another ploy, sometimes deliberate and sometimes “convenient”, is inserting a reference torepparttar “legitimate company” anywhere afterrepparttar 118427 domain name. Ex. https://www.anydomaindotcom/ebay/aagle/. Unwary victims may overlookrepparttar 118428 fact that “ebay” is notrepparttar 118429 domain, but see it anyway as a directory or file name. Anyone, anywhere can have a file or directory named like that of a company.

To make matters somewhat worse from an “easy to identify” viewpoint,repparttar 118430 source code ofrepparttar 118431 link can be represented as an I.P. address rather than its named counterpart. There are some tools that you can use at and you can type inrepparttar 118432 I.P. address and cross reference it withrepparttar 118433 official account domain presented inrepparttar 118434 e-mail, or web page for that matter. Opening a second window for investigative purposes and re-sizing both to be side by side can be revealing, and comparisons be made betweenrepparttar 118435 alleged source and that ofrepparttar 118436 source code. can be put in one window and can be put inrepparttar 118437 other. NOTE; you should be checking domains and ignoring everything that comes afterrepparttar 118438 forward slash atrepparttar 118439 end ofrepparttar 118440 domain. A similar test can be done for email viruses, where suspicious email addresses can be searched for some degree of authenticity.

If you are phished, try to learn as much as possible about it as phishing attempts and email viruses have some aspects in common. Incorrect spelling is one of them. You must understand thatrepparttar 118441 authors can be from anywhere and not necessarily have degrees in English. Legitimate companies can also be from anywhere, with different primary languages, but do perfect their spellings and general grammar.

Attention to upper and lower case can be another giveaway. This is especially true where particular portions ofrepparttar 118442 text arerepparttar 118443 design ofrepparttar 118444 author, and not just copied and pasted. Typically, these portions are customised to be customer specific in a general sense, and fonts may even be different or out of place. Such “special” additions are to strengthenrepparttar 118445 sense of urgency and call to action.

Should you berepparttar 118446 recipient of “phishy mail”, you can forward it to

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Big News for Small Business -- Internet Marketing Comes of Age.

Written by Neil Street

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The most important thing forrepparttar small business to recognize is that internet marketing is an ongoing process. The internet is a dynamic medium. It is constantly changing. Sites come and go. Links (which are crucial to search engine success) disappear. Search engines changerepparttar 118426 way they rank websites. The list goes on. In order to be succcessful, an internet marketing plan must embrace this dynamic nature ofrepparttar 118427 internet, and be ready to switch tools asrepparttar 118428 situation demands. The thing to keep in mind is that internet marketing, while it need not involve a huge budget, must involve an ongoing budget, if it is to succeed. The days of “if you build it, they will come,” are long gone, if they ever existed.

The great news for small businesses is that it does not have to cost a fortune to get involved in internet marketing. We have clients in several businesses who are spending $100 a month on Adwords, and seeing big ROI. What’s important is to find a good internet marketing consultant, and get started. Internet marketing is unique in its ability to be tracked, monitored, measured, and tweaked. This means that even with a modest budget, a business can keep track of whererepparttar 118429 dollars are going, and whether they are well spent. There is an old saying attributed to an exasperated business owner: “I know half of my advertising works. I just don’t know which half.” Withrepparttar 118430 exciting options onrepparttar 118431 internet today, that saying need no longer hold true. You can find out exactly what works, and what doesn’t. For small businesses everywhere, that’s really big news.

Neil Street is co-founder of Small Business Online, an internet marketing and web design company, based in Norwalk, CT. Email Neil at Small Business Online or call him at 203.299.0889

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