Fish Out of Water

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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Though it seems presumptuous to suggest that we, here, now in this generation are unique in all of history,repparttar evidence supports that we are. We are a pivotal generation that can either turn things around or continue to fuel a degrading environmental/health spiral that soon, if unaltered by us, will continue in spite of any efforts we make later to change things. Scary? Yes, indeed. But we need to get scared if that's what it takes to wake up. We are, without a doubt, a very special generation withrepparttar 149143 weight ofrepparttar 149144 world's future literally on our shoulders. Don't despair. You, yes little ole puny you, can do much. Everything ever done always began with one. Act onrepparttar 149145 things you know to be right, healthy, socially responsible, and environmentally sensitive. Yes, you. Yes, now. Yes, there is no downside in doing so. *Further Reading: The Wysong Optimal Health Program™ What Does Our Genetic Program Say We Should Eat? The Archetypal Diet Genetic Context – The Fundamental Key to Health Look atrepparttar 149146 Big Picture Be a Thinking Person Do Not Let Technology Think for You Stay Open to Learning – Every Day Man – The Apex Predator Humans Are Not Too Puny to Remodelrepparttar 149147 Whole Planet Ozone Marks Environmental Threats Using Intelligence in Food Choices Are We Healthier? Scale of Change We Can Make a Difference Savingrepparttar 149148 Environment Time Compression Lamentingrepparttar 149149 Foods of Old The Wysong Directory of Alternative Resources Prevention/Therapy Guide

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous publication.

New foot in the sand technology can solve many health problems

Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

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What arerepparttar toes supposed to do trapped in modern shoes? What can they do? They’re forced into a crunched together pointed shape dictated by improper shoe design (whose foot is shaped like a shoe?) and rendered basically useless. Toes should have room to spread out and be free to dig in and grip to help driverepparttar 149142 body forward atrepparttar 149143 end ofrepparttar 149144 foot roll.

If one comparesrepparttar 149145 feel and function ofrepparttar 149146 bare foot in sand to that within a modern shoe, it becomes apparent why problems arise. The solution is to returnrepparttar 149147 foot torepparttar 149148 sand. The design we have created allowsrepparttar 149149 foot to experiencerepparttar 149150 support and movement possible in sand and thus restorerepparttar 149151 foot to its living functional role in movement and health. (see If you walk barefoot in sand and look behind atrepparttar 149152 impression left, that isrepparttar 149153 contour created by this new insole. The feel ofrepparttar 149154 foot in sand and onrepparttar 149155 insole is also strikingly (and refreshingly) similar.

Arch Support Inrepparttar 149156 sand,repparttar 149157 foot is primarily supported byrepparttar 149158 arch, notrepparttar 149159 heel. Most shoes and insoles only hint at arch support. A proper ergonomic design liftsrepparttar 149160 foot with comfortable support of bothrepparttar 149161 transverse and longitudinal arches. This takes pressure offrepparttar 149162 heel by properly distributingrepparttar 149163 weight overrepparttar 149164 largest surface area ofrepparttar 149165 foot,repparttar 149166 arch and ball. In a run, a heel strike concentrates 5,120 foot pounds of force directly to a point onrepparttar 149167 calcaneus (heel bone). With a well-designed insole, this force is spread over approximately 15 square inches of resilient ligamentous tissue under-girded byrepparttar 149168 long metatarsal bones inrepparttar 149169 arch and ball area. (see

Tendon and Bone Reliefs Carefully designed depressions inrepparttar 149170 insole Wysong developed accommodate major tendons (plantar aponeurosis) running fromrepparttar 149171 great and 5th toes torepparttar 149172 heel, as well asrepparttar 149173 metatarsal tuberosity onrepparttar 149174 lateral side ofrepparttar 149175 foot. If one were to examinerepparttar 149176 impression of a foot in sand,repparttar 149177 ergonomic design (ED) insole Wysong is patenting is an exact replica in all detail, accommodatingrepparttar 149178 precise anatomy ofrepparttar 149179 foot undersurface and encouraging proper foot dynamics. (see

Heel Cup Heel pain is perhapsrepparttar 149180 most common of all foot problems. It would seem at first glance thatrepparttar 149181 way to relieve it would be to place soft shock absorbing materials underrepparttar 149182 heel. But when this is done,repparttar 149183 foot is lifted offrepparttar 149184 arch and even more pressure is concentrated onrepparttar 149185 heel. What is needed is to get weight offrepparttar 149186 heel by transferring it torepparttar 149187 arch and ball ofrepparttar 149188 foot. The significant arch supports inrepparttar 149189 ED liftrepparttar 149190 foot offrepparttar 149191 heel, andrepparttar 149192 absence of underlying insole underrepparttar 149193 heel effectively relieves pressure and pain inrepparttar 149194 heel and permits healing. This is precisely how physicians provide relief for body pressure points, suspending them in air by creating cushioning foam “donuts” around such parts. (see

Ball Bed Asrepparttar 149195 foot naturally rolls forward fromrepparttar 149196 arch,repparttar 149197 ball ofrepparttar 149198 foot (metatarsal heads) then receivesrepparttar 149199 majority ofrepparttar 149200 weight. When running, this area receives it all ifrepparttar 149201 “on-the-toes” stride is correct. The heel is not supposed to have significant impact but rather merely be a point of contact to create balance forrepparttar 149202 human upright position inrepparttar 149203 standing and slow walk modes. Virtually no other creature allowsrepparttar 149204 heel to strikerepparttar 149205 ground in movement. Rather, they are lifted torepparttar 149206 ball ofrepparttar 149207 foot or even ontorepparttar 149208 ends ofrepparttar 149209 toes as in horses. (see The ED encouragesrepparttar 149210 foot to roll ontorepparttar 149211 ball as it is designed. To help attenuate shock, a special absorbing visco-elastic material underlies this area. (see

Toe Grips The toe grips inrepparttar 149212 ED permitrepparttar 149213 toes to become active in movement thus increasing balance and athletic capability. Asrepparttar 149214 foot lifts off in forward motion, or moves laterally,repparttar 149215 toes can griprepparttar 149216 ED as they would in sand to increase speed, power and agility. The sensation is one of digging in withrepparttar 149217 toes and new-found power and control over movement results. The feet feel like they come alive and a sense of strength and spring return to movement. (see The sensation is quite remarkably like “ready to go!” (No liability assumed for breaking speed limits.) Materials And Fit Onlyrepparttar 149218 highest quality medical-grade foams and shock-attenuating materials are used inrepparttar 149219 ED. Unlike shoe insoles or aftermarket products, EDs are substantial and create an almost miraculous feel ofrepparttar 149220 bare foot in sand. ED microporous materials breathe to permitrepparttar 149221 escape of moisture and to decrease bacterial growth. Air channels are designed to pump air torepparttar 149222 feet with each stride. EDs also retain their memory rather than set to a non-elastic and ineffective board-like state. (see

EDs may be placed on top of existing insoles (if there is room without constrictingrepparttar 149223 feet), orrepparttar 149224 shoe insoles may be removed. Using wide width shoes or open-toed sandals is another option to properly accommodate EDs. Ifrepparttar 149225 shoe does not accommodate all aspects ofrepparttar 149226 insole, they may be trimmed with scissors as necessary. Once properly placed,repparttar 149227 feel ofrepparttar 149228 insole seems to disappear andrepparttar 149229 foot feels immediate relief. Once used for a time, it is almost impossible to tolerate shoes without them. (see

One user wrote, “I wish I had known of your insoles before I spent $500 on orthotics. Yours arerepparttar 149230 first solution I have found and my orthotics are now inrepparttar 149231 closet unused.”

Notrepparttar 149232 Ordinary The new ergonomic insoles are notrepparttar 149233 usual fare by any means. They look unusual and are unusual. No insole underrepparttar 149234 toes? No insole underrepparttar 149235 heel? It would seem that a mistake has been made. But sometimesrepparttar 149236 mold has to be broken in order for advance to occur. The modern foot has been forced into an immobile, injury prone position for too long.

The wisdom of nature isrepparttar 149237 answer to most of modern man’s health problems. By using nature asrepparttar 149238 principle in its design – returningrepparttar 149239 foot torepparttar 149240 sand –repparttar 149241 ED brings a new era of foot comfort, and with that a new opportunity for better overall health as well. (see

Dr. Wysong is author of seven books on health, nutrition, philosophy and origin of life. He is director of the non-profit Wysong Instute and author of the Wysong e-Health Newsletter (free on-line) now in its 18th year of continuous

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