Fish Health in Hot Summer Heat

Written by Brett Fogle

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One thing we recommend this time of year, is to do a partial water change. Drain off 10 - 25% of your total pond volume, and replace it with fresh, new dechlorinated water. If possible, vacuum or drain decaying organic matter and debris offrepparttar bottom to reducerepparttar 116245 ponds bio-load. Your fish will usually be vibrant and playful after a water change. It's like giving them a 'breath of fresh air' and invigorates them. Again, we only recommend a 10 - 25% water change right now - but feel free to experiment with whatever works best for your pond. Remember to re-add your pond salt whenever you drain and add new water. Having a salt water test kit is also helpful, or a digital salinity meter, to determine optimum salt levels.

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Written by Valerie Goettsch

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Archive photos of your personal possessions in case of fire or theft Using your digital camera, you can quickly and easily take photos of your personal possessions such as TVs, DVD players, stereo equipment, furniture, computers and other expensive items so you have a record of them for insurance purposes. Be sure to log serial numbers and keep a record of purchase prices too. For safekeeping, transferrepparttar images to a CD and keep it in a safe deposit box, or uploadrepparttar 116244 images to an online photo storage service that offers unlimited storage, such as Pixagogo.

Digital Scrapbook Digital scrap booking, or computer scrap booking, isrepparttar 116245 newest way to preserve your family memories. Using inexpensive, easy-to-use scrapbook software, you can create entire scrapbook layouts and add fun fonts and graphics to take your scrapbook project to a new creative level. Computer scrap booking has really taken off inrepparttar 116246 last year because people are finding it is less expensive, fast and takes up less space (no more taking overrepparttar 116247 family dining table) to make a computer generated scrapbook versus traditional scrap booking techniques. Most people already have a computer and digital camera, and once you have a scrap booking graphics software package and perhaps invested in a scanner for older photos, you're ready to go. You can easily color correct images, lighten dark photos, crop out old boyfriends, and even erase scratches from old photos. Most software programs come with special effects so you can enhance your photos and pages with antique sepia tones, torn or burnt edges, crinkles, soften or faderepparttar 116248 edges, add digital picture frames, and much more.

Have fun with your camera and let your imagination explorerepparttar 116249 boundaries.

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