First Time Travel to Europe – Your Six Month Planning Guide

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Traveling to Europe – 6 Weeks Before You Go

Departure day is inching closer, and there is still a lot to accomplish. If you haven’t already booked a hotel for your stay, do so now. Have you figured out how you plan on getting around yet in your country of choice? Car rentals, rail passes, and bus trips all require advance planning, so research these options, and make your reservations around this time, too. Finally, don’t forget your travelers insurance, and health check up. If you’ll require immunizations or medications to take with you while traveling to Europe, having this all on hand well before your flight is critical.

Traveling to Europe – Four Weeks Before You Go

It’s crunch time, are you ready to travel to Europe? You are if you have luggage that will makerepparttar trip, cameras with adequate film,repparttar 143378 right currency in your pocket, gear to keep your valuables safe, an electrical converter (if required, think about your shaver and curling iron), maps ofrepparttar 143379 area you are visiting, and have contacted your local Embassy to check of any current dangers inrepparttar 143380 area.

Traveling to Europe – Last Minute Plans

Europe, here you come! Anything that hasn’t been done now, probably just won’t get done. Just make sure that you have photocopies of your passport and credit cards available at all times. Now, go have fun traveling to Europe!

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Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital

Written by Eric Madsen

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far as shopping, there are three discount outlet malls in Vegas plus several shopping malls. The Fashion Place Mall is huge, and is onrepparttar strip as well asrepparttar 143211 shopping at Caesars Palace andrepparttar 143212 huge shopping at Aladdin's mall. Las Vegas has excellent restaurants, golf, hot air balloon rides and other outdoor activities. And if you're into theme parks, some great rides are available right onrepparttar 143213 Strip. If you want to stay at hotels with limited gambling, try Lake Las Vegas... just 20 minutes fromrepparttar 143214 Strip but worlds apart. There is also a lot of cheap entertainment. Look inrepparttar 143215 local newspaper ads for two for one coupons and also go torepparttar 143216 promotion desks atrepparttar 143217 hotels, ask if they are giving any comp tickets. Rio does allrepparttar 143218 time! Have a great time! Goto our web site, userepparttar 143219 contact us link and let us know who your trip went.

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