First Steps to Starting a Business

Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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You'll also need to decide what kind of company structure will best fit your plans (S Corp., LLC, sole proprietorship and so on). If possible, work out of your home for awhile or rentrepparttar minimum space and equipment necessary to run your business. It's important to keep your overhead as low as possible, at least until things start to take off. Resistrepparttar 136258 temptation to rent a nice office and fill it with furniture and equipment. I used to think that was impressive, but I came to realize it was just expensive. Fromrepparttar 136259 start, it's critical that you communicate a consistent message to potential customers. Start withrepparttar 136260 following: 1.Business cards. Get plenty and hand them out at every opportunity. A good place to get professional-looking but inexpensive cards is 2.A Web site. This can be free (I recommend ) for starting 3.A simple one-page flier. Create something that explains clearly what you offer and why someone should buy it from you. Customers want information to help them make buying decisions, and often just knowing what you sell will get them to buy from you. It's very hard to figure out what some businesses are selling or why you would want to buy from themódon't let this be your problem. Starting a new business is scary, exhilarating, challenging and at times downright confusing. It's easy to get overwhelmed byrepparttar 136261 huge number of tasks in front of you. When you get in that state, step back and think, "What can I do today that will get my message in front of my customers?" If you're thinking about this allrepparttar 136262 time,repparttar 136263 other details will fall into place. Good luck. ------------------------------------ Hamoon Arbabi Find more about Making money onrepparttar 136264 Internet, Online business opportunities, Marketing tactics, Free services, Free tools and... in


No Marketing, No Promoting, Huge Potential Profits

Written by Rick Barnett

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The second part of our plan is where we can experience massive income growth in a relatively short time. Rather than spillrepparttar entire plan here and now, I will just give you an example of what we will do in this perfect business plan.

Everybody is aware ofrepparttar 136257 energy markets, like unleaded gasoline, crude oil, and natural gas. All of these markets are very volatile on a day to day basis, but they all exhibit strong seasonal price movement tendencies every year. If you could participate somehow in these moves, you would stand to make lots of money.

The same thing happens withrepparttar 136258 grain markets - corn, wheat, andrepparttar 136259 soybean products. They exhibit strong seasonal price changes that can be followed with relative safety using our systems, and inrepparttar 136260 process, can generate huge profits alongrepparttar 136261 way.

We have figured out a way to harness these markets in a way that limits our risk to a very acceptable level, while giving us an opportunity to participate inrepparttar 136262 huge price changes that occur every year in these markets. This is what makes uprepparttar 136263 base ofrepparttar 136264 second half of our perfect Internet business.

By using an Internet based opportunity to generate cash, then using that cash in another business segment that can be Internet based, we can have a business that does not require marketing of any kind, yet offers rewards greater than many Internet businesses can ever achieve.

For more information on this business plan, feel free to contactrepparttar 136265 author via email.

Rick Barnett builds and manages websites from high in the mountains of northern Washington state. His latest project is an online business that works without advertising, marketing, or promoting.

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