First Step to Success, eliminate your inner obstacles

Written by Olakunbi Korostensky

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Decide that you will not give up and if something has to give, it will have to berepparttar obstacles and not you.

Standing up to your obstacles imparts you with a sense of accomplishment and reinforcesrepparttar 147245 sense of your inner power. By developing a habit of facing resistance, you instill into your psyche a strong message of endurance and success. This strengthensrepparttar 147246 faith andrepparttar 147247 belief in yourself. Which helps remind you ofrepparttar 147248 responsibility to yourself.

Sometimes you may have to resort to some other measures to overcome obstacles. If you can't get throughrepparttar 147249 problem, try going around it, and if you can't go around it, try getting under it, and if you can't get under it, try going over it, and if you can't go over it, just dive straight into it.


Ask yourself ifrepparttar 147250 obstacle can be ignored. Your fixation ofrepparttar 147251 problem only renders it more cumbersome. If possible, stop paying attention to it.

Use humour or your wits to get aroundrepparttar 147252 obstacle. This helps to diffuserepparttar 147253 tension aroundrepparttar 147254 issue.

Takerepparttar 147255 bull byrepparttar 147256 horn and confrontrepparttar 147257 obstacle. Doing this might be challenging at first, particularly if you are not used to confrontation. Yetrepparttar 147258 more you do it,repparttar 147259 easier it will become.

Action Point:

1.See obstacles as propeller to move you forward and use them wisely.

2. Repeat loudly as often as necessary to yourself : "I can overcome this, and I will".

3. Confront obstacles as habits of success and not of failure.

4. Developrepparttar 147260 ability to overcome, bypass, or eliminate obstacles.

5. When difficult circumstances arise, haverepparttar 147261 confidence to take action. Don't allow other people to put obstacles in your path. Learn to overcome obstacles by standing up to them without complaining. Haverepparttar 147262 faith and strength to change your thoughts and beliefs that you can succeed and you will.

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