First Impressions – turn fear into courage

Written by Peter Murphy

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Finally, visualize that person smiling as they recognize you and make sure to go overboard withrepparttar imagined picture in your mind as well. Makerepparttar 124072 picture twice as big as life size, make it 3D, in rich color and very bright and up close in your mind’s eye.

All this takes just a few seconds when you get good at it, at first you may find it tricky, practice it with people you see about town and you’ll soon find yourself greeting more people.

I also use this technique when I’m waiting in line atrepparttar 124073 bank, in a store etc. That way you get an opportunity to be friendlier with whoever is serving you and withrepparttar 124074 other people waiting in line.

In a short time you will find it easier and easier to start conversations with people you would not have dared to approach inrepparttar 124075 past. Do this day after day andrepparttar 124076 cumulative effect on your business will be staggering.

Keys to success:

1 Practice this skill daily until it becomes second nature to you.

2 Teach your staff how to approach people as well, by teaching this skill you will become even better yourself.

3 Remind yourself ofrepparttar 124077 negative implications of not making a great first impression andrepparttar 124078 long-term effect on your business.

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Successful Beyond Measure

Written by Jo McNamara

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* "Grant Me Patience, Lord. But Please Hurry!" Practicing patience is a hard one for me. I always want what I want yesterday (the day before would be much better). I expect results NOW! Net marketing has taught me to slow down, learn what I can handle today and to have no expectations for a least a year. I remember reading, "Internet marketers don't fail; they just give up before they succeed."

* "Mommy, I Can't See It, But I Just Know There's A Monster In My Closet!" I have learned that fear isrepparttar imaginary monster in my closet. I am very, very slowly overcoming my fear of failure. Just writing this article is a HUGE step for me. The thought of submitting it is downright terrifying! But whether this article gets published or not is notrepparttar 124071 point anymore. I can still consider myself a winner. I pushed through my fear. I sat down, wrote it and submitted it.

* "The Path Of Your Destiny Is Determined By Your Thoughts." I refuse to let negativity enter my mind. I have an attitude of expecting positive things to happen. I think that's an IMPORTANT key to success in sales. I think that's a VITAL key to success in living.

I'm still very raw aroundrepparttar 124072 edges. I know I have a long road ahead of me. The more I learn,repparttar 124073 more I realize I need to learn more. I've made a lot of mistakes and there's A LOT more inrepparttar 124074 future. But I'm comfortable withrepparttar 124075 fact that every mistake is just one more step forward. And I'm comfortable withrepparttar 124076 concept that Internet marketing will keep evolving...keep re-inventing itself. I will never reachrepparttar 124077 point where I can say, "I know it all." I will always be a student; I will always be learning. I find that EXCITING!

I know deep in my heart that one day (not today, not tomorrow, perhaps not even a year from now), I will be very good at this. I will be very good at this because I'm not doing it forrepparttar 124078 money. I'm doing it because I love doing it. I'm doing it to keep that PASSION alive.

So to go back torepparttar 124079 beginning of what "successful" means: I am a very HAPPY person. I feel FORTUNATE to have found something that has introduced passion in my life. I will be UNBEATEN because it's not all about money. And because of that I will be UNDEFEATED because I will be able to ride outrepparttar 124080 rough times. And I am BLOSSOMING, not only as a marketer, but also as a human being.

"Only work which isrepparttar 124081 product of inner compulsion can have a spiritual meaning." Walter Gropius

Jo McNamara lives in Orlando, Florida, with her eight cats and her husband (who's allergic to cats). Jo is a proud member and affiliate of: The Internet Marketing Success Arsenal or

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