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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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While it is a good idea to have your links onrepparttar side ofrepparttar 134813 page, you should avoidrepparttar 134814 use of frames, which dividesrepparttar 134815 page into two logical pieces that can be independently manipulated. Atrepparttar 134816 current time, sites constructed with frames are not search engine friendly, although this could change.

Links should be clear as to where they will take you. It is crucial thatrepparttar 134817 titles ofrepparttar 134818 links, not only make sense, but actually take someone to that information. Each site should have links that are unique, and it is not a good idea to have information inrepparttar 134819 target, that is not specified inrepparttar 134820 link.

If you have someone designrepparttar 134821 site for you, remember that their expertise is in web site design, and most likely they will know little, if anything, about what you are doing. They can constructrepparttar 134822 site and make it look good, butrepparttar 134823 copy and information flow is your responsibility. You should always take a break fromrepparttar 134824 copy writing, and if at all possible, have someone else proof your work for grammar. Also you have to be careful of words that pass spell check, but are actually an error. Don't confuse words like "there" and "their".

Once you haverepparttar 134825 basic framework finished, it is now time to test it. Try to corral as many people as possible to review it. Is it clear and an effective presentation? You should probably avoid friends unless you are sure they will give you an honest evaluation.

The first impression your web site makes is crucial to success. If people have to "jump through hoops" to find out about your offer, or if it doesn't portray a professional image,repparttar 134826 odds are they won't buy.

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Written by Cheryl Carnright and Joann Marsili

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and sales. Don't look for a graphic design firm that believes all you need to do is get inrepparttar search engines and place banners to be successful. Don't hire a designer that is new torepparttar 134812 Internet--meaning they have years of print design experience but have just decided to expand their horizons torepparttar 134813 Internet. Don't hire a graphic designer that doesn't have a professional copywriter or marketing person on staff and don't hire a graphic designer just because they arerepparttar 134814 cheapest. Remember, cheap can cost you money--you get what you pay for. Hire a marketing/design firm that understandsrepparttar 134815 difference between form and function and can apply it in a marketing perspective. Remember, many of these latest bells and whistles are very expensive and your site may not need them to be effective. Every single design element affects your web sites functionality and marketability--fromrepparttar 134816 decision about howrepparttar 134817 navigation will work to choosingrepparttar 134818 right colors, fonts, graphics, content, HTML code, and more. These will not only influence potential customers but search engine indexing as well. If and when youíre ready to begin your on-line presence, start with a business plan and strategy. It is essential if you really want your business to succeed. Donít be afraid to research marketing trends and investigate a marketing/design firm that will fit your needs. If you are currently on-line but your business is not progressing as you think it should, donít be afraid to request a web site analysis. There are firms that will analyze and help pinpoint areas of your on-line presence that need improvement for a successful Internet presence. Last, but not least, keep an open mind to whatrepparttar 134819 firm offers as suggestions for making your Internet experience a profitable one. Remember, this is their livelihood, this is what they do and they haverepparttar 134820 experience to back it up. Are you ready to be successful?

Cheryl Carnright and Joann Marsili have over 35 years of combined graphic design & marketing experience. They are the authors of a free monthly newsletter: "B2B Marketing News." Visit their site

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