First Checking Account – When is it Time?

Written by Robb Ksiazek

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Benefits of Child Checking

While there may be some reservations about opening a checking account for a minor, there are some benefits. The child will be able to start managing money, and learnrepparttar ways of personal finances. They won’t have to carry around cash with them allrepparttar 150843 time. An ATM card with access torepparttar 150844 account is reallyrepparttar 150845 only thing they have to carry around.

The tracking abilities are probablyrepparttar 150846 most welcomed aspect of checking. Banking online has changed drastically inrepparttar 150847 last few years. If you take advantage of allrepparttar 150848 possibilities, it is rare that you actually have to write a check. It is also amazing to track whererepparttar 150849 money goes. Expenditure tracking is good for adults and kids. It is a way to eliminate unnecessary spending.

A relationship with a financial institution starts your children interested inrepparttar 150850 whole process. Banks offer many other services than checking. They offer bonds and certificates of deposit, loans for cars and homes, and they also offer business financing.

Through anyone’s life, they rely onrepparttar 150851 bank for many services. Banks are usually a low margin lender, giving customers more buying power. Checking account management at a young age leads torepparttar 150852 importance of financial stability, clean credit, and flexibility.

Only you know when your children are ready for their first checking account. Take time to makerepparttar 150853 decision. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about finances to open uprepparttar 150854 dialogue.

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Why buy stock house plans vs. custom? - Part I

Written by Mark Mathis

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Sincerepparttar home is being custom designed, specifically to meetrepparttar 150842 needs of that one person/family,repparttar 150843 costs associated withrepparttar 150844 development ofrepparttar 150845 house plans tend to be significantly larger than those for a similar set of stock house plans. However, in some cases,repparttar 150846 custom house plan may berepparttar 150847 only viable option based onrepparttar 150848 client's needs, home location, special building considerations, etc.


- Homeowner can get exactly what they want in home design -Special needs can be addressed inrepparttar 150849 design (i.e. extra large garage for boat, larger than normal master bath, handicapped access, etc.)


- Significantly more costly than stock houseplans - Longer, more arduous process to develop - Significantly more time consuming to produce (i.e. many meetings necessary with designer over several month period)

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